Mod questions

Has anyone seen any single-player levels for Medal of Honor? Or user-created levels for Tomb Raider? (Is there an editor? I seem to recall Core releasing one with Last Revelation or Chronicles, but the total absence of user-created content for this game on the Web doesn’t bear this out.)



EA never released the tools for making SP levels in MoHAA. They are supposed to release them for Spearhead sometime soon. See this thread.

Thanks for the quick reply. I’m a little confused, though, since I have found some single-player levels and now I’m wondering how they made them. (Are SP tools available for the original game?)


I don’t think EA allows developers to release editing tools- it would kill the cash cow of expansion packs. It all comes down to intrepid individuals making their own tools. It’s been killing me trying to make a map for BF1942.

People have figured out how to hack SP levels anyway, it just isn’t easy. See Manstein’s site, or Map for Medal of Honor.

A followup:

I did some more searching and found more SP levels for MoHAA than I expected. About 15 so far–mostly on European sites.

A good page for them:

On Tomb Raider:

Core did release an editor with Chronicles. If you want to mess with it, the Eidos web site has some hefty texture and WAD download that weren’t on the editor CD. Go to:

And there are a -slew- of TR add-ons. Like 600! They just haven’t crept into the big third-party file databases yet. Odd, that. You can find a bazillion CounterStrike levels on FilePlanet, but not one Tomb Raider level.

Anyway, the levels archive is at: