Modem error 691

It was years and years ago I used a modem and Win98, so I’m completely out of luck when trying to fix a friend’s internet connection. A friend of hers could connect from another computer so it’s not the phone line.
Error 691 is the one where it says something like “Control your password and try again”. I can remember hitting this obstacle back in the dark ages but I can’t remember how to fix it to save my life :(

It’s Invalid Username/password

So First: Make sure you typed the username/pass correctly.

There’s about 800 steps you can try to fix this if that doesn’t work (and not in this order):

  1. Reinstall TCP/IP
  2. Reinstall Dial up Networking
  3. Resintall Communications Folder
  4. Reinstall WinSock
  5. Delete *.PWL
  6. Make a new Dial up Connection

Also Google “DUN 691” - you’ll find some stuff at, and a bunch of other places.