Modern-day corporate communications via social media

…presents: “CorporateTwits”

WARNING: Some explicit language.

Highlights: (also including explicit language)

A coworker’s brother bought a sandwich in a box at M&S, and when he opened it there was a giant furry tarantula-like spider hunched in the corner. He took a pic. Another coworker twittered it. Within an hour, M&S had contacted him as well as the museum of natural sciences to send a biologist to check it out. Neat.

Pretty much why:

  1. Updates on FB are very much one-way.

  2. Don’t let people post on your wall.

— Alan

Actually, I think the Xbox support one is pretty awesome (by Xbox).

Agreed. The “jaded and desensitized” answer is snarky and is an awesome reply to the smartass question.

Xbox Support also has great comebacks to people on the official forums asking why their gamertags were banned for cheating.

These kind of comments on company sites often make for our more “creative” responses.

That said, I don’t always look forward to dealing with multiple “internet comedians” each week who think it’s the height of hilarity to post the social media equivalent of “is your refrigerator running? better go catch it!”