Modern games like Settlers 2?

Settlers 2 was probably my favorite game. I’m looking for something that will scratch that itch. (By that itch, building and optimizing a complex economy, but something like an old Impressions game or even Creeper World may do in a pinch). It has to be relatively modern (as I’ve likely played it if it is older than the past 3 years or so). Any ideas?

It came out in 2006, so it’s not modern enough, but did you play The Settlers 2: 10 Anniversary Edition?

Yes, I did. A new version of the Settlers where they stuck closer their past would be awesome.

Anno games perhaps?

Old, but did you play the Cultures series by the guys who did Settlers 2?


Why not just replay the anniversary edition? It captures the Settler 2 feel pretty darn good and is modern enough not to feel too dated, if you really care about that in a Settlers type game, no?


Settlers 7, the Anno games (especially 1404 and 2070), the Impressions games (especially Pharaoh and Emperor), Space Colony HD, Grand Ages: Rome.

There’s Banished. Clockwork Empires is in early access right now, but it’s looking promising. Craft the World is fun; it’s a lot like Diggles/Wiggles.

Factorio or Dwarf Fortress.

Everything else is cheap pants.

Thanks, everyone. I think I’ll have to try Factorio.

Warpstorm, are you specifically looking for PC games? On iOS and Android, besides there being a Settlers game that I think is a remake of Settlers 2, there’s a game called Townsmen. It’s one of the few decent city-builders on mobile.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Anno 1404 (Dawn of Discovery), but it has its own conceits that are a bit different from Settlers. There was a game called… Northlandwhich apparently never made it to Steam. I guess it’s part of the Cultures series mentioned above. They seem to have that European city-building mentality.

Factorio looks neat. Ill keep an eye on it, and I hope they finish it soon.

Yes, Northland is one of them. Another is 8th Wonder of the World. Both got very good reviews in Germany (-> technology basically recycled Cultures 2, but the gameplay nicely polished). The developer Funatics was hit hard by the first JoWood implosion 2002. They had to shrink from two full teams to 3 people within 4 weeks or something like that, because they shipped just when the crisis started.

I just saw on the Funatics website that Northland was ported to iOS a couple of months ago, and that Funatics is mainly developing F2P games nowadays, among them Cultures Online. No idea how much of the old magic is left in the port and the F2P stuff.

How about a new Settlers?

If you’re too lazy…

And if you’re in North America:

I was so hyped I already started a thread for it!

How about all the old Settlers games remade for Win10?

Ubi is resmastering each of the games.

Remastering? So far I’ve only read that they’re making them playable and with some minor QoL improvements. Nothing about redoing textures or anything substantial.

Is the only difference between those two trailers the launch date?