Modern replacement for Shuttles carbon tile technology?

Sorry for the long winded title but given that the shuttle technology is some 20 - 30 years old surely there must be a modern replacement for the space shuttles brittle carbon based tiles ? Something that is strong and becomes an integral part of the shuttles skin ? Something that wouldn’t just flake off if a mishap occurred ?

Yeah, like surplus copies of Daikatana?

AOL cds?

I’m being serious here guys ! :roll:

Considering our nuclear reactors handle heats hotter than anything our atmosphere can put out, you’d have figured we’d already have put the technology used in the metals in the core to use.

Oh, wait, sorry, those are liquid cooled, nevermind. Let’s just use whatever the GeForce FX is made out of. Not only does it pack more heat than a star going supernova, but it puts out just as much noise, too! Even though, in space, no one can hear you scream. It’s twue, it’s twue.