Modern Warfare II 2022

I’m going to admit that I’m excited for MW2. It’s me! I’m the loser that plays a ton of mindless CoD a couple times a week as opposed to staring at the ceiling during bouts of insomnia. :)

Nooo… crazy vertical format… what year is iiiiitttttt…

2022, the year that everyone watched everything on their phones.

Is it your contention that portrait was the orientation of choice in some bygone era? I sure don’t remember that. Maybe, like, 1980s arcade machines.

What’s really going to be interesting (to me anyway) is seeing how the developers try to top “No Russian” in the current political environment.

“No Ukrainian”

Yeah, I got nothin’. Truth is stranger than fiction.

It’ll be a totally unique Modern Warfare experience! Choose soldiers from India, Zimbabwe, Peru, Morocco, or Ghana!

Wouldn’t that be COD: UN Peacekeepers?

Which, come to think about it, would not be a bad idea. Maybe not for a MW game, but for some sort of game!

I believe this is also the 20th main Call of Duty game, if you don’t count the side stuff, which has got to be a record of some kind.


This time I’m waiting for a positive review from @Telefrog . I skipped the new Modern Warfare because of your review Nick! Thank you.

I was seriously about to stump up $35 to trot through the single player of Vanguard, before I realised the Aquanox remake, Mafia 3 and Ace Combat 7 are all available for peanuts and probably as much fun for casual shooters.

Third-person mode? Wat?

I’m onboard for PS5. Did they say yet if there is an Outbreak update? Skins won’t transfer over, right?

I don’t know for certain, but I’ve heard that skins won’t transfer.

Yeah I’d be surprised

I’ll miss Outbreak, played that more than the MP that year. The open world, move at your own pace zombie mode was a hit for me.

Outbreak was the only mode my kid and I played after we tried everything else…so good.

Third-person mode was kind of cool. I’m not sure I’ll play it a lot when the game ships, but it was a decent change of pace. They have some really nice character models so showing them off is smart.

Overall the Beta was great. I liked that they focused mostly on the elimination modes for the Beta. Those are all a ton of fun (and the most toxic usually… but that can be part of the fun) and they also allow people to play more tactically. Run around like a madman and you’ll probably get cut down.

Everyone not on PlayStation gets their shot at it in a couple days. Definitely worth checking out if you haven’t played Call of Duty in awhile. This one will be big.