Modern Warfare II 2022

Anybody notice any changes in performance on pc in the past few days. For some reason my game just doesn’t feel like it’s running as smooth as it used to even though I hadn’t changed any graphics settings. I’m getting around 60fps now but I don’t recall what I was getting before hand. I have a 3070 and pretty sure I’ve been running 1440p the whole time on recommended settings. My monitor can handle up to 165hz and I’m pretty sure I was getting over 100fps before. I’ve set it to 120 now and put dynamic resolution on.

Also, when running the benchmark it says my GPU is 99% bottleneck, but that might be normal since it’s pushing the card.

Performance has been generally fine, but it’s not that consistent. Can’t tell if it’s local or network things, but games can go from ultra-smooth to sticky and jumpy in a flash. Usually though they snap back just as quickly so I’m thinking maybe servers.

Yeah I’ve had a few iffy games i have been putting it down to the host, real difference when it’s not super smooth though, played a lot poorer tonight with the little bit of lag, the ttk is so quick there is no margin of error

Especially when like me you are old and slow. I will hear someone turn, and as I’m bringing my weapon up boom, dead. That is if I even am aware they are there. Or by the time I scan the rooflines for snipers, bang, that’s all she wrote. I die mostly to snipers I think.

This was the first COD I’ve played since MW2, uh, 1. I mean, I’ve played the SP campaigns of the others cuz I usually pick 'em up cheap on sale and there’s always at least a couple cool missions in there to make it worthwhile (even in the ‘bad’ CODs). But I don’t think I’ll be doing the same again. On the one hand, I can’t complain that I didn’t get my money’s worth - finished the battlepass, hit level 250, got most guns maxed out… But a lot of it just really rubs me the wrong way.

I’ve mostly played Invasion since I’ve loved that style of setup since Titanfall, but it just felt like a really poor copy of that, overall. The weapons aren’t balanced for it at all. The level design is somewhat poor in places and often sees Team A getting some good vantage points vs Team B who are forced to spawn in an empty lot with no cover. The joys of getting spawnsniped 10 times in a row. Most matches are seemingly determined by which team makes the most use out of the tanks that spawn in the last 5 mins to farm the hell out of the AI during that period. Fundamentally I think they’re trying to be everything to everyone (TDM! DMZ! WARZONE! INVASION!) but sorta dropping the ball in some areas as a result.

Outside of that, I hate the insane amount of aim assist console players get, and that I can’t opt out of crossplay to avoid them. Don’t misunderstand - I’m a pretty good player and I generally don’t do poorly regardless, but I do sometimes get teamed with other M+KB players who aren’t that good, and they just get obliterated by the jump-around-corner-lock-on-instagib fuckery it allows for. It never feels remotely fair, and the best this game has been for me has been the odd lucky matchup between 2 teams of just M+KB players.

But, there have nonetheless been some very good times. Riot shield + throwing knives is such a beautiful combo on shoot house… I love watching them run out of ammo, panic, start fumbling for a grenade and *FWHUP* have a knife in the face! (blimey that combo is so OP on hardpoint).

Yeah, the over done auto-aim swings the pendulum too far the other way I think. I love the idea of crossplay, because it makes finding matches that much easier, but the balance is way off. Players who were already good on controllers because, well, that’s the only way they play just get handed an insta-win button, it seems.

As someone who used to play m/kb and lately pretty much only does gamepad I just don’t understand the sentiment. Have you guys actually played with a gamepad? I still feel m/kb has the advantage almost all of the time. Most of the time that I notice aim assist at all it’s because it’s yanking me off target and splitting the difference when multiple targets appear. Any other time it’s a very minimal effect.

I too wish crossplay was off, but because I find getting my head popped instantly from mouse aim combined with the constant complaints about aim assist get tiring.

It’s funny that you say you ‘don’t understand the sentiment’ and then describe it perfectly, albeit from the other direction.

Fundamentally they’re just two completely asymmetrical input methods and if you’re skilled enough to really play to the advantages of each, you can do very well regardless. But even if you can make the case that ‘on average’ this works out about the same in a K:D sense, that doesn’t mean it feels rewarding, especially for the people you’re playing against.

It’s frustrating because I lose the odd gunfight I shouldn’t. It doesn’t matter if I have the advantage literally everywhere else. I lose a fight I should’ve won not because the other player was more skilled, better prepared or even just lucky. I lost because they had a piece of software running for them that in that situation tipped the scales entirely on its own. In a game that literally goes out of its way to reward not dying (killstreaks) it shouldn’t be surprising that people find that sort of thing especially irritating.

That said, I don’t think this is a clear-cut subject. I have a lot of mixed feelings on aim assist. I can certainly say I like it a lot more when it’s balanced into the gameplay more explicitly, stuff like the smart gun in Fireteam Elite, or the smart pistol in Titanfall. It can absolutely work as a gameplay concept. But I also feel if you’d joined a Counter Strike server I was playing on back in the day with MW2’s level of aimbottery, you’d have been banned. Though of course even Counter Strike had a very subtle form of aim assist in the sense that the blocky character hitboxes were always slightly bigger than the display models actually were (I think this is less common in modern games). Important difference, though: that was a global thing. The same for everyone.

I think it’s a complete non-issue. Nobody can prove it helps either way, which IMO means it’s probably a wash.

It’s the same with Skill-Based Matchmaking. The only people that complain about it are people who want to win more. “I shouldn’t have lost that fight!” Yeah, but you did, and you can’t prove you would’ve won it. You’re just guessing. The other guy shot you first.

If you turn off crossplay, you’ll just have people complaining that someone beat them because their network connection speed is faster, or slower, because then it’ll be, “The prediction beat me! Not the other guy!”

If it keeps you up at night, don’t play first-person shooters online is my answer.

One would question why Infinity Ward would bother spending so much time developing a feature like this if it “doesn’t help”. Additionally, why they don’t just enable it for KB+M users if it’s such a complete non-issue.

Like, there are many arguments you could make about it, but saying it doesn’t actually do anything is pretty bizarre.

Yes, there’s always going to be the case that something gives someone some sort of advantage. Better graphics card, connection, wider screen, etc. but I think this fundamentally changes the way the game plays, and not for the better (by that I mean, specifically mixing two very different types of player experience).

I mean, no, it doesn’t keep me up at night, nor do I even think about it much when I’m playing. It isn’t a deal breaker by any means, and I’d rather have it than have to wait solely for PC players in queues. It just seems like a clunky solution to a problem that may well not be solvable.

nobody is saying aim assist doesn’t help, I’m just saying a lot of those fights you think you are losing because of it probably are not. the entire point of it is to help since it’s impossible to be as precise as quickly with a thumbstick. It’s an old argument though and not going over it all again for the nth time here.

the short answer of it for me is, if you think it is that big of an advantage, use gamepad yourself. I know I feel m/kb is superior enough that if it wasn’t physically painful for me I would definitely pick it over aim assist on gamepad any day.

My sample size is still rather small, but playing BF2042 lately my kd when using controller is usually about half of what I get when playing with mouse+keyboard. There is a lot more to doing well in these games than just aiming too.

I love the SBMM complaints, which basically seem to boil down to “some days I just want to curb stomp people that suck at the game compared to me.”

BF has less aim assist than CoD by far imo. Some games have certainly over done it in the past. See Fortnite at one point where all the pros literally switched to gamepad and wrecked because aim assist was super overtuned. My point is that it simply isn’t in CoD, at all.

I have no idea where people get the SBMM complaining either though. You can’t complain that it always puts you against sweats AND complain that you always get no-thumb players on your team. If SBMM is strong enough you wouldn’t have those terrible players in the game either.

Yeah, I need to get back to playing some CoD to see how it feels there. I just know it doesn’t automatically make me an aimbot. Going back and forth between m+k on pc, and controller on Xbox probably doesn’t help me too. :)

I play with PC players regularly while using a controller on both PS5 and PC and have for years. I get motion sickness from mouse/keyboard now so I rarely even try to use it even though I was a top Quake player with it years ago.

Both types of players make up my lobbies these days. They are always competitive matches. It really doesn’t seem to matter what anyone is using. Usually when I’m doing my best it’s because I’m simply outflanking the rest of their team and vice versa. Certainly I complain about a bad spawn sometimes in multiplayer, but that’s gonna happen. Life goes on. In the Warzone, it matters even less what your control scheme is. If you’re playing well, using all the tools, controlling the map, ruling the high ground, staying in cover, etc., you will get to the final circles.

Honestly, what occurred to me is that skill based matchmaking kind of makes the cross platform play moot.

If someone is awesome with a mouse and keyboard, and it gives them assume kind of advantage… Whatever. They’ll rise up in the skill ladder, and play against better people than me.

The folks I end up getting matched against are people who, regardless of their platform or input, have an manifested play ability that is right on par with me, and that’s cool with me.

Skill based matchmaking solves a ton of problems, and if it harms douchebag streamers, so much the better, because they are a cancer on gaming, and it’s nice to see a game like CoD tell them to get fucked, because CoD doesn’t need their advertising to sell a billion copies of their game.

Yeah, while I enjoy watching some streamers (specifically the ones that complain the least), I totally see their influence on a lot of games as being largely detrimental to game design when taken too seriously. They need to win to continue to be successful. Anything that makes it harder on them to get the dubs will always be a bad thing for them, and SBMM definitely makes it harder on them.

Like anyone else, I get upset when I fail. It sucks to lose, but you’re gonna lose a lot unless you’re in the top .1%. That’s just how it goes. Adjust to learning from losses and it’s real easy to get better. Every game in the Warzone I feel like I’ve learned something, usually from the way I got snuffed out. Instead of complaining, learn the lessons and improve for next time.

this is definitely true if the playerbase is large enough. Fortnite is a great example of this. Fortnite mixes PC players with switch and mobile players, but it’s got a pretty heavy skill based component so it ends up mostly feeling fair.

edit: as a streamer I hope I am not a douchebag :P

What’s supremely ironic is that they specifically want the ability to just crush other players.

Like, they are saying (in many cases, explicitly stating), “why should I have to try super hard to win?”

Well… Because it’s your job?

I mean, if you are going to make it literally your fucking job that you get paid for, then yeah, maybe you should be the one putting in effort, and you aren’t owed flocks of sheep for you to murder on air.

Oh, it’s not fun to have to go to against better players who murder you while it’s streamed on the Internet? No shit, dude. Welcome to the party, pal.

Nah, I’m speaking in generalities about the worst.

There are lots of streamers who provide all kinds of valuable services to gaming communities. Like folks who do in depth analysis of game mechanics, stats, etc. And those guys aren’t hurt by things like skill based matchmaking.

The only ones who are really hurt, are the ones whose streams are basically, “watch me pwn the nubs!” And fuck those guys if they can’t hack it against better players.