Modern Warfare II 2022

Lots of changes coming to Warzone/DMZ, and I’m pretty excited to give Ranked Multiplayer a try. They are saying there are rewards available depending where you grade out at the end of a period. Looking forward to seeing how I stack up in there.

Big Warzone stuff includes a return to three plates standard. No more vests. No more backpacks. All loot will drop when someone dies same as Warzone 1.0 and the same will be true of opening any containers. They also said that containers will not have cash in them… that will be lying around as it does now, but also that more cash will be lying around. That will be an interesting change.

A lot of what they’re doing is bringing things back to how it was in the original Warzone. I’m not sure if these things will be that way in DMZ too, but I assume they will?

I personally liked the 2v2 Gulag, but I understand the want to return to the 1v1. I’ll deal with it. It’ll be nice to use other weapons in there too. It won’t be pistols/shotguns only anymore.

No new multiplayer maps is a pretty big downer. A remake of a mask that’s been remade a million times already, and a map that was in the beta and then removed.

CoD had the resources to do better than this.

That’s the biggest negative of the update for sure. I think that the loss of paid expansion content hits hardest when it comes to map additions for sure.

It seems like these teams were sure Microsoft would have taken over by now so were treading water waiting for that to happen? Either way, definite bottlenecks on content for this game.

I thought I was pretty good at CoD until I jumped into Ranked Play this week. I have about three wins in ten or more tries. Wow.

The new Museum map is ridiculous in 6v6, way way too big

There is probably some luck involved with it to as far as the team you get stuck with. I’d consider myself an average at best COD player and I’m 4-0 so far in ranked.

I consider myself to be a below average CoD player, so I’ll stick with DMZ thankyouverymuch.

I figure the skill based matching had me higher right from the start. Brutal at times tho.

The big add is that they brought real HC back

No the big thing they did was fix the battlepass token bug so you don’t have to exit the game to use your tokens

Ended up winning my first 5 ranked games before losing game 6. However, it was S & D and one of our party quit right at the start so it was 3v4 and one of our teammates had 0 points out of the 7 games we played so essentially 2v4 the whole time. I saw that it didn’t count as a loss to my streak at least since the player disconnected early.

Fing bot fix made them worse in DMZ. Ashika island is fun to play. Al Mazra is unplayable solo and no fun in trios.

My trouble with DMZ isn’t with the bots, it’s all the other players that think this is Warzone and seem to focus on just hunting other players. I’ve got no problem with PvP in DMZ, but it sure seems like there’s a lot more ganking and exfil camping than last season.

I decided to jump into ranked play, and it was cool, except for one thing:
I want to be able to choose the modes I play.

I like certain game modes, and dislike others… I tend to not really want to play objective based modes.

I would really like ranked play that let me select what modes I wanted to play. Like, a ranked death match would be cool.

Capture the Flag has been the major reason I skipped ranked play for years in CoD. When they dropped it I got hopeful but they always manged to slide a mode in that I have zero desire to play.

They use the modes they do because they require teamwork. It’s not just a killfest.

I prefer the killfest.

Yeah, that’s cool. I do too! I prefer the objective games for ranked though. I think making people work together is the way to go for competitive play unless it’s like Solo Warzone or something like that.

I will say, I hated playing any of the objective modes previously to ranked play and was dissapointed to only see those in ranked. However, now that I’ve gotten to play them more in the ranked environment I’m starting to enjoy them. I still don’t think I will play them outside of ranked, but I can appreciate them and I think it makes sense to primarily have those in the ranked matches.

Has anyone noticed crazy lag and network issues over the past day or so?

I’m seeing some crazy stuff today… a little bit earlier today, and now just massive latency and packet loss on every server. But it only seems to be COD that’s having the issue.

Since the 2.0 season reload update been some weird stuff going on, poor performance, daily tasks not updating and other stuff.

At times it doesn’t quite feel right