Modern Warfare respects the Honda Fit

Title Modern Warfare respects the Honda Fit
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Games
When November 8, 2011

Activision knows what's cool: Delta Force and Spetsnaz soldiers going toe-to-toe; an M4 with a front grip, an impact mod, and hex camo; blowing the holy ooh-la-la out of Paris; and the Honda Fit..

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Someone should come along and make a Honda Fit game similar to Beetle Adventure Racing for the N64

I would buy that in a nanosecond.

Word! *hugs Fit*

Are the Fits indestructable like the Dodges in Rainbow 6: Vegas 2 were?

Also, are they all sport models? I love my Fit because he is respectable and doesn't feel the need to show off with that ludicrous spoiler. If they're all sports AND they're destructable I imagine every one of my games would eventually just be me grabbing C4 and running around blowing up Fit Sports.

My name isn't Brian but I drive one too! Only it's called a Jazz over here.