MODS better than the original?

I’ve noticed I really like BF42 mods better than the original, notably Desert Combat and especially Eve of Destruction. EoD is like we already have Battlefield Vietnam NOW! The balance in EoD imo is better than Desert Combat and there are larger maps with balanced ‘believable’ forces… I mean in DC the Iraqi’s?!? cmon! okay, its still cool though.

Also, there’s the hardly played UT mods like Thievery and Third Reich… Third Reich probably has the best iron sights and recoil for a tactical mod… though the game has some lag problems. Thievery actually play pretty good with the right people (Thief with the UT engine).

Unreal 2k3 has cool mechwarrior meets Unreal mods (just downloaded from game servers). You can play a mech that has 1000 hp’s, and there are weapons like some kind of black hole! Cool mod.

Playing alot of these mods I got to thinking that who needs the full games?!? Mods are keeping the fps scene alive.


Thanks for reminding me, I’ll have to dust off UT and go looking for mods.

I hear the sequel to Dom kallar oss mods is pretty good.


Hey mtkafka, what’s the name of that Ut2003 mech mod? Sounds intriguing.

I love iron sights in an FPS, although I haven’t seen anyone do it as well as Vietcong. How does Third Reich compare to that?


The various HL multiplayer mods (CS, NS, DoD) are better than HL’s multiplayer :)

Here’s the link for The Third Reich mod. The problem with this mod is that very very few people play it. And if they play it, they’re in Europe most of the time.

The mech mod for UT2k3 I downloaded from some CTF server… I checked my UT2k3 cache folder to get a name for it, but there’s so many files in there now I wouldn’t know which. I do know most people play it on CTF mode. BTW, its not really a TRUE mech you play, you play a 1000 hit point soldier thats bigger and slower than the average guy, and you either have a minigun or a rocket launcher… both do HUGE damage. You step on some transporter and get inside a mech about two times the size of a normal player. Its pretty cool, but like most UT2k3 gameplay it can get frantic, still fun though.


BTW, Eve of Destructon 20% is out… play it, its better than Desert Combat!


Also wanted to add another mod I heard of from CS players (but won’t play because it isn’t popular). Quake 3’s mod True Combat. Graphics almost as good as Raven Shield, Gameplay as close to Counterstrike as you can get, leaning (only to see), IRON SIGHTS!, great movement in general (slower than CS/faster than RS), and botplay right off the bat (though terrible AI). Only problem is the game has less weapons than CS, 2 assault rifles, 2 subs, 2 handguns and 2 sniper rifles. Flashbang, Frags and Kevlar+Helmet available as well. My guess is this game WOULD have gotten more guns but it seems not too many people play it… And the funny thing is this game is playable on mid range pc’s. Too bad indeed.