Mogi: nightmarish vision of digital hell ... gone wrong

A game where players move outside, pick-up virtual items through their mobile phone interface then trade with other players to complete collections.
The goal is to get maximum points completing collections.

It is based on players’ location. From the Web interface, players see in real time, on a 3D map, the positions of connected players as well as collection items. From both interfaces, players trade the items picked-up with the mobile.

How to progress in the game ?
As the player gathers points, his progression is shown in the ranking and his fame is spread through player of the day, week and month prize that all players may acess

So its basically a digital scavenger hunt. It’s fun just thinking about all the ways it could go horribly wrong.

Monthly charge of 315 Yen, tax included, which grants the user unlimited access to the mobile and Web interface.

Does anybody know what that is in USD? It seems lower than I thought it would be.

315.00 Japan Yen = 2.90760 United States Dollars

Very, very reasonable. I guess the hidden cost is the total meltdown of society.

That’s the cost of nearly all cellphone games here, though usually 15 yen cheaper. BTW, that’s only available, as far as I know, on the least popular company’s phones, so its unlikely to be as much of a hit as say, the Dragon Quest Casino. ;)