MOH: AA- three and a half hours?!?

The new Gamespot review says this expansion pack is less than four hours long. I’m not one of these types that feels every game should be five thousand hours, but this is a little ridiculous for a thirty dollar pricetag. It still got a “great” rating.

It adds a lot of multiplayer stuff as well, you could even say the pack is at least half oriented toward that.

Though I haven’t played MOHAA online much myself, I understand it’s great fun with cool objective-based maps and whatnot.

Besides, four hours is about 1/3 as long as the regular game. Seem like typical expansion pack fare to me - not above and beyond, but not worth criticizing simply on the virtue of length. It would probably be worth mentioning in a review that it doesn’t have a lot to offer if you’re completely uninterested in multiplayer.

“It would probably be worth mentioning in a review that it doesn’t have a lot to offer if you’re completely uninterested in multiplayer.”

Probably? It should be emphasized up front and reiterated at the end of the review. That’s not much content for $30.

As an expansion, six hours I can deal with, if it’s a solid six hours. Only three and a half hours is definitely pushing it.

Guess I’ll be playing this one on HARD. Baumans of the world, tremble before me!

I’ve heard the expansion could even be finsihed in less than two hours. Yeah… dont you just love this shit? At least put in some stupid bots. Or even a target range with some scoring. At least Sin had that! Remember that? Sin rocked!


I hate hate hate $29.99 expansion packs.

So how many single play levels are added in the expansion ? I thought it was a fairly substantial addition ?

Later : answered my own question - 9 levels across 3 missions. Oh well - hopefully the expansion won’t cost too much here in Australia.

I heard it really took 15+ hours to finish, but Erik solved it so quickly because he is such a great player of these games that train you to kill.


In Spearhead’s defense, it does feature 12 new multiplayer maps. Since - according to Gamespy - MOH is the second most popular online shooter, doubling the amount of available maps is nothing to sneeze at. I wouldn’t pay thirty buck for it, though. The single player is really short but also really cool. They should release a ten dollar version with just the single player stuff.

You wouldn’t pay $30 for it, yet it’s still “great!”?

I’m not blown away by Moonbase Commander’s visuals, but it’s still great. It’s just not great looking. I’m assuming Gamespot has a “value” category so that disparities between what you think the game is worth and what Electronics Boutique thinks it’s worth can be addressed. Come to think of it, if Ratchet & Clank were 100 bucks, I definitely wouldn’t buy it. But it’d still be great.

You wouldn’t pay $30 for it, yet it’s still “great!”?

I haven’t spent more than $10 on a game in I don’t know how long. The last four games I bought (Grim Fandango, Elite Force, Conquest:Frontier Wars and Z:Steel Soldiers, subtitle fans) cost a total of $30. It pays to be behind the curve. $30 for an add-on is strictly for mack daddies in pink caddies. Y’all.

I tend to wait for the inevitable $30 gold edition packages when practical. Kind of makes it silly to shell out $30 for just the expansion pack. It also irks me to see a $30 expansion pack for a $20 game.

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Have I mentioned the lack of anything decent in the Heroes IV expansion, yet? It too was $30.00. I know I have said this before: 3DO sucks!

I just got this expansion and though it’s generally excellent, what is UP with the incredibly difficult “man an anti-tank gun on this truck and kill zillions of tanks and enemies” mission? The thing has a terrible rate of fire and almost no splash damage. Between that, the truck bouncing around and the guys running around, you’d have to be Thresh to hit anyone consistently. Oh, and did I mention you’re a sitting duck on the truck with no healing and no ability to evade shots? Yeah. Fun stuff!

Anyway. I dutifully soldier through that one with the healing mercy of save-anywhere, and then what am I rewarded with? Some kind of crazy “run from foxhole to foxhole without dying from bombardment” mission. Thanks! But here’s the truly odd thing: there is no indication of WHY I died. No death animation, no gory direct hit explosion, nada, zilch. I’ll be running and then LITERALLY the next frame, two guys are standing over my body, crossing themselves. What the fuck? I assume it’s a bombardment issue with timing-- I can hear shells falling in, though I don’t see explosions nearby-- but this is just wrong!

3.5 hours and now this? Up yours EA!

But Erik says it’s “Great!”, despite admitting he wouldn’t actually spend money on it.

How are the multiplayer maps? Are they worth $30?

Erik said he wouldn’t spend $30 on it - there are many amounts less than that which qualify as ‘money’, and I’m sure some of them would meet his price point.

I’m in the cheapskate camp too. I requested MOHAA from my library yesterday and it’s waiting for me today, along with a different copy of Civ 3. The first Civ3 CD I got from them was badly damaged - I managed to polish out the scratches enough to copy all files to my hd and install, but the unpatched version set my video to an unsupported refresh rate. The latest patch uses Safedisc, and the CD was apparently unreadable wherever it needed that. I found a hack that bypassed this, but the game then frequently crashed, and there were a lot of obvious possible explanations for that. So I’ll try again.

Just resurrecting this topic …


I am stuck on this godawful mission now. As you have said it is wacky. I jump from foxhole to foxhole but some how I am still killed. It seems like there is some sort of inbuilt timer in the mission. If you wait too long in a foxhole the game will kill you even though you haven’t done anything wrong.

Does anyone have any hints on completing this mission ? It is thoroughly confusing.

Tim, that is odd. I had the same problem with my CIV3 CD. I have never had an issue of a CD not loading after use, but at some point it just stopped working. I consider myself lucky.


Does anyone have any hints on completing this mission ? It is thoroughly confusing.

Finally picked spearhead up again. On this (confusing ass) mission, what you’re seeing is the death of the captain, not you. You have to reach him before some arbitrary timer runs out. But wait, there’s more! Then go get the medic, timing your runs from foxhole to foxhole with the pauses in shelling. Rinse and repeat with the medic all the way back to the captain. Then you need to run to the right flank and defend it. Now run to the left flank and defend it. This time, defending also means destroying the tank, so don’t miss the bazooka on the ground. Third pass, back to the right flank, blow a tank and a halftrack and DON’T let the germans get past the trench in any of these sections or you immediately die.

Then, finally, this hellish mission is over. I’m kinda glad I didn’t finish it the first time. Once you’ve seen Band of Brothers, you realize this level-- and hell, most of the expansion-- is a total rip-off of Band of Brothers.

You’ll endure another random set of barrages at the beginning of the next level. Hey, you know what I just realized? Dying randomly isn’t fun. No. Not so much. In fact, quite the opposite. If pressed on the issue, I might even call it un-fun. Memo to all developers: RANDOM DEATH = BAD.

I was willing to tough it out once I got past that final barrage, but then I ran into a scripting bug in the church-- I shot the topmost sniper through the floor, and I could never trigger the “clear the church” objective. I reloaded, ran up there, shot him, mission complete. Then I cleared the hotel (how thoughtful of someone to leave a shotgun out in front for me), and found the captain again. A fighter streaks by, strafing at us. I’m told to man an AA gun. I accidentally man what I think is a stationary machine gun, so I hit the action key to release from that, then… I promptly fall (through some kind of weird map error) deep, deep underground. I can still see some objects and hear sound effects, but I can’t do crap from under there.

OK, so singleplayer has… some issues. Fine. What about multiplayer? After patch, MOHAA multiplayer was fantastic. Well, in the expansion, for reasons I can’t even begin to fathom, they’ve decided to jack up multiplayer run speeds so much that it’s now JAFQC-- just another fucking Quake clone.