MOHAA: Breakthrough

or is it just broke.

A co-worker and I have both just picked this up (being die hard MOH fanboys) and we are coming across a strange issue (or design decision). It seems like not all enemies drop their guns anymore. You kill a guy with a rifle and as soon as he drops dead his gun vanishes. This severely limits ammo and is quite annoying. In one mission I kept finding boxes of rifle ammo yet I did NOT get a single rifle through the entire mission (escaping through town after sinking the boat). The only weapons that didn’t vanish were smg’s. I must have killed 50 guys with rifles but they all vanished and I REALLY needed a rifle. MOHAA and spearhead did not behave like this. Why would they place boxes of rifle ammo around the level if I can’t use it? Is this a MAJOR bug (as in NOBODY play tested this thing) or was it a wacky design decision? We are playing it on normal difficulty.

Maybe EA outsourced this expansion pack out to india :roll:

No, I think this is a design issue. I hate it! I just want to shoot stuff, not worry about ammo! There are also too many parts where you man some fixed weapon and kill hordes of oncoming enemies. So far, I’m giving it a C+.

I had to replay most of a level (no spoiler) where it assumes, at the end of the level, you’ll have plenty of ammo to fight off enemies trying to kill somebody you’re defending. I didn’t have plenty of ammo on the first run through, and I was glad I had a saved game at the appropriate spot to go back.

Other than the DIRE ammo situation, I’m enjoying Breakthrough quite a bit.


I haven’t yet but my brother finished it and complained about the same thing - had to go hand-to-hand a lot of times.

— Alan

Some other review on some other site also nailed a problem in the game’s design that I ran into last night – the old “you need to die before you figure it out” syndrome.

The “invading Nazi tanks vs. you with mortars” situation is especially egregious.

The text adventure community once, long ago, wrote up a big bible of player’s rights (that I believe was first cobbled up by Chris Crawford). I still have those rights printed up, and one of them is (paraphrased) : figuring something out should not involve player death. Oh well. Still plowing through this expansion, but the number of fixed weapon situations and obnoxiously set-piece battles is taking off its initial shine. Yes, yes, the original game and Spearhead where also full of these kind of moments, but I set them aside because of AA’s stunning Omaha level and Spearhead’s wonder Bastogone level. Breakthrough definitely shoot its wad on the “immersive battle” on the very first level, fighting through that sandstorm.


The sandstorm was pretty awesome. I hated the tank level because I spent the whole time thinking, “This 60mm mortar is barely going to scratch the paint on that tank.” One of my biggest beefs with the MoHAA games is how the tanks are just big piles of hitpoints. It doesn’t matter where you hit them, or what kind of AT weapon you use, just how many times you hit them.

You need to download yourself some Forgotten Hope my brother.

Yeah, but Forgotten Hope requires playing against other people, most likely on public servers. shudder

But fortunately you don’t get many newbies playing it. The mod rewards more realistic tactics- taking cover at longer ranges, using terrain and objects for cover in a tank, attacking the weak sides… all the stuff that the 16 year olds playing Desert Combat hate.