Molyneux: "Never underestimate Nintendo"

RE: Rev’s controller.

Also, for those interested, Nintendo’s Annual Report…


I can’t wait to see this thing. When do you think we’ll hear about it? The European Game Conference the blog mentions seems like a weird time to reveal it, though maybe that’s because I’m an American egoist. I thought there was no Spaceworld again this year.

Anything interesting in the financial report, Dave?

I just know that this hype will end up disappointing me.

You might be disappointed but it’s really not Nintendo’s hype so don’t blame them. They just don’t talk about the stuff publically so when people hear something about these things that are seen behind closed doors by important industry people, and those people are excited, then it gets fans/gamers excited.

I’m very interested to see what they’ve done. It must be “revolutionary” enough to get people excited/intrigued and that’s enough for me given the other two consoles are very generic in what they’re featuring as next generation improvements.


Calm down, fanboy, take a deep breath and put your flamethrower back in the closet next to your Virtual Boy.

It’s short, so have a look yourself! It’s nicely laid out and very colorful. There are full sales numbers in there for Gamecube, GBA, DS, etc. They also call the Revolution the “virtual console” because it will feature games from every generation that has come before. Sounds neat. :)


Whatever dude. Why don’t YOU put down the flamethrower. You trolled the thread first.

I’m sure the console will suck for you. So just say that now. It’ll make the rest of us a lot happier.


ROFL Trolling. Give me a break. I just mean I’m getting tired of all this hype that developers are giving Nintendo for their new controller when it’s basically vaporware. Their new controller could be a banana for all we know.

So you think they’re all lying then? It’s impossible that people who have seen it might actually like it?

You’re a troll.


It’s certainly going to be interesting. But will it be “Cool”? What I mean by that, is that Nintendo keeps saying that the controller will allow everyone in the whole house to want to play video games. It’s part of their accessible strategy. So Mom will come out of the kitchen and pick up a controller and it’ll be easier for her to play games. That doesn’t really shout highly-advanced to me. In fact, maybe it’ll be simplified but support voice recognition? The microphone in the DS leads me to think that this is where they are headed.


The last thing that I got excited about based on important industry people seeing it behind closed doors and then collectively gushing about how revolutionary it would be ended up being a scooter. I will honor Nintendo’s gracious decision not to hype by not getting excited until I see something specific.

Good point. Brings back memories of the Segway…

[size=2]edit: Duh, you already said that.[/size]

That’s fine. That’s basically how I see it too. There’s no need to be one way or the other. I’m excited to play games from NES -> Gamecube on one piece of hardware. That’s exciting to me. The controller will no doubt be unique. That’s really all I expect right now. It will probably also have traditional controls of some type given that the system plays all these old games.

I really like the DS because when I play games on there, it’s something different. It’s not like every other game console I own. I get to do stuff I can’t do elsewhere. I’m hoping Revolution’s controller enables a similar kind of alternative to traditional gamepad gaming. That’s really all that anyone can expect at this point I think.


If the Nintendo guys come out with a controller that makes FPS and RTS games possible on the [edit: whatever next console is called]… They win.

And no, Halo 2 does not count as good FPS control.

Good point. Brings back memories of the Segway…[/quote]

Segway is slowly becoming what they expected though. The technology is there. The price is just too prohibitive yet.


Well, they expected this revolutionary scooter to “change the way cities are designed,” so I’m assuming that when you say “slowly” you mean in geological terms. At the current rate of adoption, they will achieve their expectations around the same time our sun goes nova.

I’m supposed to get excited because Molyneux is excited about something? Hello? It’s Molyneux. The man is the king of enthusiasm, optimism, and “this will be the coolest thing ever”-ism hype. I guess you could twist some importance out of the fact that his projects have been mostly tied to MS consoles recently, so it’s a big deal or something that he’s excited about Nintendo, but come on. Molyneux gushing about something is the biggest non-event ever.

I agree to a point. Molyneux has way overhyped his own stuff. However, he’s a good idea man. He’s come up with some great visions for games and simply failed to execute those visions, whether through lack of technology or simple inability to get a good end result on his own, who knows?

In this case, he’s not the guy doing the execution. So that does make his comment a little more interesting because he’s good at the idea stuff.

I didn’t post it to generate hype or excitement though. It was just an interesting comment that came out of the same show that the MS pricing for Xbox 360 came out of.


But you don’t know that 95% of what Molyneux says is just irrelevant?

I’m sure he said that just as a catch phrase that he found appropriate for the moment. People expected him to say something and he invented a cool answer just for the moment.

He says things because he likes how he tells them. He’s more interested to the effective catchphrase than actually giving an opinion with some relevance.

The Nintendo controller wasn’t part of the discussion. He just wanted to place a witty remark. The subject may vary.

Random guy:
“So have you seen the Nintendo Revolution controller? There’s a lot of anticipation about it”

Molyneux, grinning:
“There is a line at the end of the book ‘Game Over’ and it is: ‘Never underestimate Nintendo’. That is all I can say about the controller.”

Then he turns toward an assistant and whispers:
“Hey, what is this Nintendo Revolution they speak about? It must be cool from the sound of it.”