Mom of the year?

Whatever. Seriously, this particular family has been well documented by the media as well as a TV show that showed their lives. If you think that’s child abuse, you have not seen the real thing.

Edit: unless you are referring to the “J” names, in which case I can’t disagree, though I don’t think the term “child abuse” should be thrown around that way.

(I think this thread is headed for P&R)

Why do people do this? I always picture parents who do stuff like this, or like name their kid “Mary Lamb” or something as telling their friends and family when the mom is still pregnant, and them giggling with joy over their little joke that lasts the entire lifetime of their child. Even the fucking funniest joke ever gets boring after the first few, oh I dunno, months or so you hear it. And everyone they tell it to are either appreciative of it, because they’re morons too, or they blow smoke up their asses and shake their heads when they’re out of sight and earshot.

My brother and I have alliterative names, clearly we were abused. :|

Yes. If I want free will for myself, I have to respect it for others.

Also, humans aren’t pollution.

Oh, absolutely. But I meant for “Am I being too cynical” to suggest that I wasn’t overly serious. Sorry it came across differently. I certainly don’t actually believe that this woman is abusing her children. By ‘bad’ I meant simply bad as a role model for other families, not bad TO her children.

Contrary to Rick’s statement, humans ARE pollution on one level. No matter how small an individual’s contributions to population/waste problems are, they are still greater than zero. Saying people have ‘free will’ is not the same as saying I have to actually respect their decisions. It might mean I have to tolerate them (in this case, it probably does mean that).

I’m sure the family is well-adjusted, just as shown on TV. It’s documented, after all. But it wasn’t my point. Still, I didn’t mean to derail the thread as much as I did. We should be focusing on the first mother, who clearly IS an abusive parent.

the duggers appear to be brainwashed christian cultists of some sect that believe in treating their women like broodmares. they live on charity, donations from right-wing fundy churches.

“Jinger Dugger”

Now there’s a kid who’s going to have to learn to defend himself.

There’s not too many people on this planet. We could feed all easily - some of us would just have to give some stuff up to make it happen.
Asking people in a free country to stop having children is just as fair as asking you to sell your car and donate the money to Africa.

These aren’t even on welfare, so while I don’t really understand why anybody would want this, I don’t see how anybody can complain. It’s their choice.
(even on welfare, I don’t see how the state in a free country can demand that people stop having children… it’s working in China. Apart from a few nasty sideeffects)

2 is hardly on the same scale as 15 and I doubt either of you are named Jinger, now are you?

I don’t get what food has to do with what I said. I’m not worried about paying for their children directly. I’m worried about overpopulation in the world. Are we there right now? I guess not. Are you suggesting it will never happen? That seems…bold.

If you’re talking about birthrates, the developed world has been at a sub-replacement birth rate for quite a while. Countries like Russia and Greece are halving in population every generation at the current rate. Other countries like France owe their somewhat replacement level birthrate to their muslim minority populations.

It appears that once humanity reaches a certain level of development, it loses the urge to populate the future and turns to self-indulgence.

No, but my mom did get so many people asking her what she was going to name my brother that she threatened to name him Ticonderoga. :P

There are actually plenty of names that have hopped the gender divide, some of them several times. Both my mom’s and my brother’s first name have been names used for both genders, and there are other ones out there that are the same.

OK, I don’t think we’re really on the same page here. It’s not that Jinger is gender-ambiguous, it’s that it’s stupid.

I agree. I once overheard someone express the theory that children should be given two legitimate names so that if they didn’t like the one their parents did they would have an option. At the very least give them one uncontroversial name if you insist on something odd. I would hope that Jinger didn’t end up with an equally crappy middle name.

It also sounds like it should be some kind of racial slur.

I think you’re correct. It’s Ginger with a J. What’s the big deal? My first name is Katherine as opposed to Catherine, should I be traumatized? :P

Oddly enough when I see “Jinger,” I read it as jing-er as opposed to jin-jer. Reading it as a deviation of Ginger makes it much less godawful and makes a lot more sense, but I do feel that humanity has lost something by not having a Jing-er Dugger.

Oh, woops, I get it now. I was pronouncing it as rhyming with “Ringer” in my head. My bad.

You might if it was Qatherine and not an entirely common spelling variant. I think you should still keep trying to pick a fight with me regardless, though (sheesh).

If you say so. But India doesn’t seem to be having that problem. Maybe it’s a cultural thing in particular western style countries? I don’t know. I do know the world population is still growing, unless you have data suggesting that it isn’t, which I would be interesting in seeing, as it would make me feel a lot better!

Halving in population every generation? Cite please.