Monaco's creators cut down their own game

Title Monaco's creators cut down their own game
Author Tom Chick
Posted in News
When December 18, 2013

The creators of Monaco have posted some data here about how many people got all the way through the game. Fewer than one in ten players saw it through to the end. Which, naturally, must be frustrating for the developers, not to mention the people who didn't finish..

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Ahh, that might explain why it looked different when I reinstalled it the other day. I really wish I had more budding buddies for local co-op play. Online multiplayer is great, don't get me wrong, but there's nothing better than having a bunch of you sitting around the same screen working together, trying to crack a level, iterating on routes and strategies, discussing and pointing things out on the map. I managed to get a local 4-player co-op session going once and I don't think any of my friends really took to it unfortunately.

This game looks really cool, and I was tempted to get it at release, but a number of reviews said it was really only great as multi-player. I'm a single player guy. Does anyone who played through single player have any thoughts?

SP and MP are both good, just very very different. SP is a Thief-like experience, of carefully observing patrol routes, alternating with quick, precise moves by the player. MP is more of a Keystone Kops chaotic experience. I'm mostly an SP gamer, and got many hours of enjoyment from it.

Perfect, thanks, will get. I see it is on sale at Steam at the moment ($2.99!) but will probably pick it up for the 360.

SP is dull as dirt, I deeply regret being talked into this purchase by folks that said otherwise.

I'm with Alexx in that I think it's a grand single-player game. You basically have three lives to beat each level, and each life uses one of the unique characters. So you have to figure out if you want to stealth it, mole it, redhead it, hack it, or whatever. Furthermore, as a single-player game, it's all about the risk-reward calculation of any decent score chaser. Do you try to just get to the end, or do you go for the points along the way and maybe lose one of your precious lives? Plus, the storyline is really charming.

Highly recommend single-player and multiplayer.

I also bounced off of it, after gushing nearly-universal praise from reviewers and other players. I had pretty much convinced myself that it's an SP vs MP issue - that for a group of friends it's either zany fun frantic escapes or careful team heists. I'm a 99.9% single player guy though...

I forced myself to come back to it and give it a second chance, and I managed to mostly enjoy about half the campaign, but it still didn't really grab me and I stopped coming back to it.