Monarch: Legacy of Monsters - The Godzilla/Kong universe on Apple+

I enjoyed this series and am not really a big Godzilla fan. Of any incarnation. But this did kind of stick out during the series. Giant monsters with the capability (and a recent history) of doing lots and lots of killing and the scientists act like they’re trying to save some rare butterfly from being killed by the Evil Army Man who is just out to kill for the sake of it. Maybe in another universe Jim and Keiko’s last names are Weyland and Yutani.

Oh, I wasn’t suggesting the actor ever played a Nazi, just that his look and demeanor matched up with my idea of cinematic Nazis in a lot of movies. And yeah, not really evil, though the show does shift around in its depiction of him. He’s probably just a stuffed shirt.

I seee what your mean, yeah. It was a bit jarring. I never did figure out what the scientist types were after. Some mumbo jumbo about co-existence, but none of it is very well explained.

Though really, if a hydrogen bomb IN THE FACE didn’t kill Godzilla, well, humanity is probably fucked if the big guy takes a hankering for human chow.

I was just curious, because you’re absolutely right, he feels like an easy cast as a Nazi but it doesn’t seem like it’s happened. Maybe he deliberately avoids it.

Well, there wasn’t a recent history back then, I don’t think? Godzilla’s big movie attack is in 2014, long after Lee and Keiko and Bill are doing their thing together. And while I think it’s mostly just stereotypes playing against each other (military minds just want to kill while scientists must understand!), it’s probably worth making sure you’re not just going to piss it off when you try and kill it.

I think Jim was the last survivor of an attack by one of the monsters on a navy ship if I remember correctly. So he even had personal experience of the destruction these things can cause. I’m cool with the scientists being less ‘nuke them from orbit’ than the military dudes but ignoring pretty obvious problems with giant monsters made me roll my eyes more than a few times.

In a parallel universe, the show “Subject: Legacy of Humans” explores how these tiny parasites polluted the pristine Land of the Lost world of the Titans.

And yes, I kept expecting to see Sleestaks when they went down the rabbit hole.

Oh totally! I was surprised there wasn’t some sort of humanoid species in the underworld. Maybe there will be if we get another season because it seems so obvious.

I just finished season one and was pleasantly surprised how good of a globe-trotting adventure-thriller this show is. Obviously you first have to be willing to buy into the whole beginning premise of the radiation-eating giant monsters, but once you’ve done that, it’s got good pacing and plenty of adventuring and interesting characters. I could have done with a bit less of the back-and-forth between the 50s and present day, would have rather they put the history in bigger chunks so there’s less time-whiplash, but that’s a minor complaint. Look forward to seeing what they do in season two.

I liked the beasties. The plot and dialog were muddled to me, and I hated the YA type Gen Z relationship malarky. But I’ll watch the next season probably.