Monday Night Combat - we've just announced

Hey guys,

Just wanted to throw out the news that Uber Entertainment, the company I work for, has just announced our new game, an Xbox Live Arcade game called Monday Night Combat. Our web site is live with a trailer and info.

Would love to get people’s impressions of the trailer and what they see. We’re a small independent dev and any feedback is great.

Hopefully this doesn’t break the forum rules about pimpin’ yo stuff.


  • Caryn

I like the art style. It’s like Team Fortress 2 meets Warhammer 40k. Looks fun!

Glitzy, which is good. Displays the available classes somewhat, but I came away with no clue how the game is played. Thus far the distinctive feature is the art style, but that’s all the video shows me.

Very nice trailer. Arena combat, as part of a sporting event. Team Fortress style art and classes. Nice.

I’m interested. Demo in the works?

All XBLA games have to have a demo.

See: “The Rehabilitation of Danny V” thread


The game looks cool, she’s been on the boards for years, she has some posts. What’s the big deal? Nobody accuses Whitta of viral marketing.

Looks pretty neat actually.

Yeah, I’ve been around here a while, scharmers. I know it runs close to the line but I feel like in forums like this developers should be able to throw a trailer out there for the game they’re working on, I always expect that. But if it’s not cool and I crossed the line I’m sure Tom will let me know.

Caryn has a partial exemption around here, up until she starts reposting press releases, and then we release the hounds!*

  • Alan

*may or may not include actual hounds

Game looks good, xlive means i’ll download the demo to see how it plays.

May I just say that I am not enamored with your company name? Uber is an overused word, like Fail is starting to be overused.

I could care less if Caryn were to, say, copy and paste 1600x1200 uncompressed .bmp scans of press releases here.

Ceiling cat is much less leinient…now, if she were to spill out a 1000-word missive on the aches and pains of developership, that would bring her up to the company of the devs around here lately ;)

I can’t decide if it is OK for her to pimp this here or not until I know how she voted in the last election.

Does the game have creeps sort of like Demigod? I see robots running around in the trailer.

Hugin, yes – I think the Game Features page has some info on this.

The two game modes


Blitz allow players to defend their Money Ball against armies of robots by themselves or with up to three of their closest friends over XBOX Live

Crossfire pits teams of players against each other over XBox LIVE. Each team is supported by an endless stream of robots fighting on their behalf; overwhelming your opponent’s stream will be the key to your success!

Sounds a bit like a Team Fortress style game crossed with DOTA.

Looks like a ton of fun to me. I wish you hadn’t copied the TF classes quite so closely, just for something different, but I’ll still try it. Looks like a great time, and I love the sports venue feel.

This comes out this week. Here’s some walkthroughs of it

I love it, but I’ll won’t be getting it because its on the Xbox. Perhaps when a PC port comes out, because that looks awesome.

Also… BACON!!