Monday Night Combat - we've just announced

I’m very much looking forward to this; I’m a sucker for a good action/strategy mix.

Those vids and more are here:

Yeah, this looks much cooler than I expected. Who would have thought that Castlevania would be a pass and this would be the buy?

I watched the support class video on Joystiq, and I fell in love with it. This game looks like a lot of simplistic fun.

Well… I think I am sold on this game.

Yeah I’m in. Hopefully we can get a full team worth of folks to play it.

I’m down with getting a regular qt3 team together. I’ve got points ready for this.

Looks very cool. I give the demo a spin when I get a chance. Any PC version by chance?

I’m pretty excited about this, too. Put me down, probably.

[LEFT]This looks great, shame my out of warrenty 360’s video output is dead. :(

Looks like it has a Horde/Firefight style mode too.

Oh…NO! It was just supposed to be about finishing up Mass Effect 2 then deciding between Kane+Lynch 2 and Mafia II and now this comes along, great.

Those walkthrough clips are excellent particularly the second one, they should be the standard; got me very interested in this game.
[and only 8% of us use inverted controls, was that for real?]

Pretty cool info on Penny Arcade today on how this game is going to be able to do balance changes without a title update. I can’t believe nobody ever thought of that method before. Hopefully Valve and other companies will be able to use that method for future games on the 360.

I’ll be another to raise the question about possible release on the PC. Any chance? I’ll play it on the 360 if I must, but would prefer a PC version. Really nice effort. Keep up the good work.

My bro uses inverted controls… It’s our secret family shame. (I kid…)

Oh, and count me in for qt3 multiplayer.

Personally, I think a 360 version is ideal for this. If it were on the PC, it’d have to compete with Team Fortress 2 directly for my class-based team-oriented multiplayer shooter time. As it is, I can play it on the couch, where it only has to compete with the sad, hatless 360 version of TF2. Which I don’t even own.

So, yeah. In for launch day!

Gears of War 2 added Title Managed Storage functionality in a title update, and Red Faction: Guerrilla had it at release. Dawn of War 2 is supposed to have it, but I don’t think Relic has ever made use of it. I think Halo 3 was the first game to implement Title Managed Storage functionality, though I think it used it only for matchmaking hopper updates, not balance changes. I think several of the post-Modern Warfare Call of Duty games use it for matchmaking updates, too. And yeah, Title Managed Storage is great! It should be compulsory for any 360 or GFWL game that relies on good balance, 'cause cert delays are doing evolving metagames no favor.

Very excited about this one. Look for me online with this one tomorrow night.

GT - TheAlmightyQ

Woot, glad you guys are looking forward to it. Game comes out tomorrow – we’ve been playing with a bunch of people we were fortunate enough to get early codes for and the resulting reaction has been fantastic.

It’s got two modes: Crossfire and Blitz. Blitz is co-op with your friends against the bots, and Crossfire is team versus team multiplayer.

As for the TF2 classes: a lot of people were initially making the same assumption that they’re the same, but I think you’ll find that they’re not carbon copies.

Oh, and PC release: wish I could comment on that but we haven’t talked about it.

Also Also:

I use inverted controls. I think there are two of us here at Uber who do – everyone else uses regular.