Monday Releases

So here I am wishing I could go out and buy Oblivion today, because I have all weekend to play it. When it finally comes out on Monday I won’t be nearly as excited about it because I have work to go to and I can’t be staying up until 4 in the morning. So I may wait until next Friday to go buy it.

Since this just happened with GalCiv2, it must be a conspiracy. Why Monday? It seems like the worst day of the week to release a game.

Games are (almost) always released on Fridays in the UK. So, we have no choice but to wait another week for Oblivion. Sad smiley.

Yeah, I have ordered my collector edition from and they have it listed for Friday. It means a week and half for me.

I have it ordered from Gameplay, which means it will turn up on Thurs morning, due to their unique definition of “release day delivery”.

We generally get Thursday releases down here in the antipodes. I’m not sure whether I’d rather have it in my hands and not have time to play or have to wait to get it.

It won’t be in stores until Tuesday here in the US most likely.


Shipping date is Monday. It’s extremely rare for a new game to be sold on a Monday. the only time that happens is when it’s shipped ahead of time with a specific street date of a Monday. It usually requires that you ship the game on a Friday for Monday delivery. That just doesn’t happen much at all.

Tuesday is a pretty standard release date for the various media industries. DVDs, CDs, books, games… all of them use Tuesday as their most common release date. It helps drive people into stores to buy on a single day.

I’m hoping to get it monday… and it should come Monday because… I got that Star Wars CE preorder on Monday… a day or 2 before the stores… I’ll be shitting my pants before you guys! but the reviewers have it already :(


Yep, Dave’s 100% correct. The handful of times I’ve seen games available on a Monday (where it shipped on Monday) occured when the store was near a mail or distro center. Back when I managed a Software Etc. in 1996-97, we used to see that happen from time to time. My store was in the Midwest, so we were always the following day (Tuesday), but we’d hear about stores in the East getting copies day-of. Since then, I think there’s been a move by publishers to street-date the games for single-day release (for obvious first-day sales figures and subsequent PR hype). It’s all about getting that almighty press figure pimped. :P


So, let me get this straight. I pre-ordered Oblivion from Amazon. It ships Monday, which means Amazon will get it Tuesday, and I’ll get it Thursday or Friday (two-day shipping?)

Amazon is terrible with game preorders. You’ll be lucky to get it next week at all, in my experience.

eh, no biggie. I had a $50 gift cert and am up to my ass in reviews. A delay would not be bad.

Yeah, I have the Oblivion CE pre-ordered from Initially I had it set for express shipping (estimate of 22 Mar to 23 Mar delivery). I decided to up it to Priority to make sure it’s here for my days off and voila! the estimate becomes…wait for it…23 Mar! After a couple of emails to about it, they decided to give me Priority shipping for Express cost. Still, looks like a bit of time to wait.

I really wish we had local stores that aren’t EB.