Monetizing web traffic

Just a quick question out there for any of you who are webmasters of commercial content-oriented websites…

I’ve got an idea for a series of sites that would draw in a wide assortment of web denizens. Overall, they wouldn’t necessarily be focused, but various sites would have their own focus (gardening, stereo equipment, environmental issues, etc).

If I tried to monetize the site(s) through Google adwords, what would be a reasonable expectation of revenues per page view (or per unique visitor or whatever is the best measure)?

I don’t deal with the ad sales on our network, but my general impression is that AdWords revenue is moderate. You might look into some of the other targeted ad networks as well, such as … uh, sorry, I don’t work in sales.

It would really depend on the site, adsense fluctuates wildly. The gardening site would attract low paying keywords, where the stereo equipment would attract high. Which if you notice around the web, most new sites are higher tech because people now build sites just for adsense.

Across my sites, the cpms range from pathetic .02 to $30.

When ads come up here on qt3, [eople like to post here - “Just show adsense” as if adsense is a savoir. Its not. Adsense here wouldn’t even cover bandwidth costs for 1/2 a day.


Chet - what do you mean by cpms - is that revenues per thousand viewers, or per single viewer?

If you’re looking to monetize than SEO (search engine optimization) is your friend.

It’s what my girlfriend does for a living, and she’s shown me that it’s a powerful tool, because if you’re picking targeted keywords than you’re often getting people who are genuinely interested in buying something, so they’ll purchase stuff and/or click-through your ads.

1000 page views. Across my sites it is just easier to use that yardstick. Some sites are heavily repeat traffic others have a higher turn over, the only thing that remains is page shows. Every so often i do break down by users/clicks/pageshows, but the raw cpms seem to be a decent quick way to look at the sites.

Andrew, yes. To a point. In the long run, for community sites, google always seems to like sites that are built for users, not seo best. They are not as effected by algo changes. For my affiliate sites, it is all about keyword placement, that is different.