Money Heist. Spanish-language netflix ultimate heist awesomsauce

I searched…so if there is a thread, just delete me and pretend this never happened but…
OMG has nobody else watched this? Its seriously good, maybe slightly dragged out at the end, and yes… you have to be able to cope with reading subtitles, but trust me, its WELL worth it.

I started this and I was not impressed at all. A lot of cliches.

It gets better.

We started about last week too and DARN this serie is good! The build up tension is so tangeble. Me and my wive are at episode 9 and we couldn’t stop! Tonight we continue!

Watched this yesterday and already 4 episodes in. The cast is awesome and it reminds me of Death Note a bit, with the Professor and Negotiator being against each other. It has a very “must watch next episode asap” quality to it. And the spanish is quite refreshing and writing is sharp.

binge watched the first season the last few days. My what an exciting, and fun show. Really good acting. The only clitch is the English subtitles don’t match the dubbed English, which can be jarring when they are very different.

Why…why would anyone watch this in anything other than its original spanish?

I’m Spanish and I still haven’t watched it, ha hah.

I heard that it lowers the bar in later seasons?

Not too badly, only the last season I found weaker, but still fun. I was hoping it would be a last one, but unfortunately they still want to draw it out more.

I do love the show though, it is not some high art but the pace and charisma of characters is perfect.

Finished Part 2 and started Part 3. This show is seriously dumb, but also fun and addictive. The dialogue seems good (though hard for me to judge the Spanish), but there are more than a couple of whiplash-inducing character turns, and the editing of the Netflix version leaves the timing of everything a little weird. I’m curious if it’s better in the original. The cast is mostly quite charismatic, especially Denver, Nairobi, and the Professor, who I think also have the most consistent characterizations. Could’ve done completely without Berlin, and The Inspector would’ve benefited from having writers who didn’t determine her moment-to-moment motivation by voting in a committee. But still a fun show: maybe just as dumb as Sense8, but less melodramatic and with fewer orgies.

I started this having confused the four parts with the first season being a four-episode miniseries. Now I’m five episodes in and wondering if I can be bothered to watch the rest of the season. I can tolerate a certain amount of dumb stuff over a short run but I’m not sure I can take another 8 episodes. Heist stories generally work best when they’re short. Also, it’s not really fair but I keep getting distracted by how much of the cast was also in Elite.

The original series from Spain was a lot of fun, even if often silly. However, parts 3 and 4, created by Netflix are pretty awful, I’d consider bailing, because you won’t like the part 4 ending.

Oh, I’m definitely not watching until Part 4. I’m considering bailing on Part 1.

Part 5 is dreadful. God dammit. It is so bad that I would recommend to anyone new to this to just watch first two and ignore the rest, eventhough I did still like 3/4.

It is over-the-top and they are all worse shots than storm troopers. So many bullets and so few injuries. I still enjoyed it.

The combination of endless extremely dumb and badly shot action interspersed with stupid melodramatic dialogue and character behavior and not particularly interesting flashbacks got to me.

I watched the first couple episodes, over the top for sure. The series, started off as fun bit of escapism, with some creative twists. But it jumped the shark around part 3 and I think is beyond saving.

I usually have little tolerance for most of that you both mentioned. However, I think I’ve been temporarily blinded by my love for the characters. They all grew on me throughout. Usually, I won’t hesitate to give up on a show if it gets tired and stupid (See Walking Dead, among others, which I gave up long ago), but I’m sticking this one out.

I completely understand people being done with it. I am glad it is ending. They did start to really stretch it with the second heist and the reasoning for it, but for whatever reason, I was able to suspend most disbelief for this where I can’t for many other shows and movies.