Money (Martin Amis)

I just ran across a passage in Money by Martin Amis that seemed appropriate to share on this forum. The narrator has recently allowed a woman to move in with him after a long bachelorhood, and is describing the results:

The Reptile Bar. I like it!

In the King’s English, Kingsley - Martin’s father - has a rather priceless entry about his son filling an entire page of his novel with the word “fuck”. You can tell he really wants to lay into his son, but can’t quite bring himself to do it.

Money is one of my favourite books.

Kingsley swore, and threw it across the room when ah, John Self’s chess partner shows up.

He complained about Martin’s “…awful vivid compulsiveness”.

Fuck you, Pops! Your son is a better writer :p

One of the rare occasions he held off then!

This is great.

  1. The same age as Kingsley.