Monica Lewinsky


Links looks seriously dodgy and nobody should get away with posting a joke that old.

Those links should be meaningless and broken, but I’m not going to click on one to find out that my browser isn’t displaying it properly due to some magical scripting hack. Shouldn’t there be some post count requirement before you can even post links at all?

Seeing the thread title, I just assumed she had died or something. Can’t imagine why else somebody would start a new thread on the topic.

Some day, when spambots are actually able to halfway replicate something approaching human behavior, we may have reason to fear. Until then, let’s just point and laugh at a joke that wasn’t even funny when it was relevant.

“Let me tell you about my mother.”

That seems like something a spambot would say… ;)

I edited the links so they don’t go anywhere. I believe the post count requirement was disabled when Tom started vetting new accounts again.

Wake up! Time to die.

Whatever happened to her? Does someone have a normal life after going through all that?

Too bad she won’t live! But then again, who does?

All other issues with this post aside, it sucks that the poster (bot or not) telegraphed the punchline in the title.

Wikipedia always knows. Monica Lewinsky - Wikipedia

TL;DR - she went to London to escape the public eye, got a master’s degree, and has generally laid low.

How low was she laying? I always pictured her as kneeling, somehow.

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