Monitor blinking on and off--WTF is happening?

I know it sounds crazy, but after trying different troubleshooting, deleting & re-installing drivers, etc. I decided to try swapping out my HDMI cable, and WALLA, it worked! The cable I was using was new but apparently my system didn’t like the cable I had, and a replacement (used) was the ticket! no more flickering! Yay!

I’ve had a few bad HDMI cables, mostly the ones that you get when you buy 5 for like $15 bundles.

I’ve switched over to more reliable stuff now that I am running 4k, and have had no issues since.

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This has been happening to me with a 1070 and a newish monitor.

I think it’s probably the video card /cable as the flickering only seems to happen while in 3d games.

Thanks for the ideas.

well here i am, having a brand new monitor flash black then back on randomly, only while in game. Sometimes 4 seconds apart, sometimes 10 minutes apart or more. Everything is updated, all drivers updated. My old monitor didnt do this.

Did you drill the requisite holes in the monitor yet?

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Double-check the connections. Unplug and replug the power, HDMI/Displayport, etc. cables. If you have multiple ports, try a different one.

Otherwise, if it’s a brand-new monitor, it may be defective.

What @J_Thomas said, plus try a different signal cable between the graphics card and the monitor.

This is actually a big deal. You figure that the cable is fine, but it just doesn’t work right with a new part.

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