Monitor Follies

Okay, need some advice guys.

Just got a job offer in anoter state, which means I’m gonna have to move (again). I own a 21-inch Viewsonic monitor which weighs about 70 pounds, and as much as I love it, the thought of having to lug this thing with me is just too much. Especially since it looks like I’m going to execute this move very barebones… just what I can carry in my car.

It’s a Viewsonic P-815 model, with the built-in 4 USB ports in the base. I got it for around $900 new, and it’s a couple years old. It’s still in perfect condition. And I’m thinking of putting it for sale and getting a good, big LCD.

So, two questions…

  1. What do you think a fair price would be?

  2. What do you recommend for a good LCD? Requirements: Must be at least 17 inches. Has to have a good response rate (I like to play FPS and other “twitch” games).

And, maybe a third question…

  1. Are you interested? :)


I’m pretty content with my 19’ sony. Roughly the same viewing area as a 20-21’ CRT, and very light. I haven’t noticed any significant ghosting, but the flat screen takes some getting used to, particularly in games. Overall, however, I love it.

It’s tough to sell a big monitor because without the original box, how are you going to ship it anywhere. So that leaves just local folks, which if someone in the area really needed a big 21" CRT, you might be in luck. The curved screens turn me off. I’ve had flat screens now for a few years, and now I can only use a flat screen comfortably.

If it’s in perfect condition, I would think you could get around $200/250? I dunno. I never really considered a CRT that big. I’m not even sure what they go for these days brand new.

I love Sony monitors, especially the flat ones. I had a 15" flat screen Sony from 97-99. I gave it to my son and bought a 19" viewsonic. The viewsonic is ok, but the sony was really something. If I got another CRT, it would be a Sony.

I was recently in the market for a 17" LCD, and after much research, I settled on the ViewSonic VP171b.

Great colors, 16ms refresh rate, 500:1 contrast ratio, two analog inputs and two digital inputs. It’s also got this feature that will (with the software provided on the CD), rotate the picture 90 degrees if you rotate the monitor 90 degrees, giving you a sort of portrait view instead of landscape view. I guess that’s cool if you’re into it. I never use it.

I play Warcraft 3 and Halo on it mostly, though I have also fired up UT2k3 for a LAN game, and I noticed no ghosting or trailing whatsoever. The monitor’s native resolution is 1280x1024, and WC3 (but not the shooters, interestingly enough) looks slightly blurry at 800x600, but perfectly crisp at 1024x768. As I said, the shooters look crisp at whatever resolution, including 640x480 for Halo (ugh). A more trained eye might be able to see some problems, but I cannot. The games look radiant. I highly recommend this monitor.

Manufacturer’s site:

Where’d you get it and how much you pay?

Also, to all LCD owners out there, did your LCD come with dead pixels? And if so, how many?

Two on my old NEC MultiSync LCD 1810 display.

One dead pixel on my Samsung SyncMaster 191T (19").


Actually, that’s not quite right: it came with one that would only occasionally get stuck on red. I followed random internet advice and squished it with my finger for a day or two whenever it appeared; now it’s perfectly fine.

Biggum magic!

Good luck selling the 21". As mentioned, unless you have the giant box somewhere, you’ll need to sell local. I had an ad in the paper for mine for $100 (paid $1,000 in 1996) for two weeks, no takers. Gonna put it back in at $75…

On the LCD, check out the Samsungs before you buy Viewsonic. A bit thinner and the black models are IMHO better looking. (Viewsonic was my second choice.) I have a Samsung 191t and the only game I’ve notice ghosting in is the XIII demo. (But some others do see ghosting – it’s a personal sensitivity thing.)

Well, I live in Seattle’s University District, so any local Qt3’er’s interested?

Plus, a ton of hardware geeks who go to UW, so I may get lucky. Who knows?

I guess my major concern right now is the dead pixel thing. It almost seems intolerable to me that companies do not have a zero tolerance for this.

I’ve actually liked the Dell Ultrasharps, though older models seem to have issues with DVI compliance. But the image quality is amazing, though they still haven’t quite hit sub 16ms response time yet.

Where’d you get it and how much you pay?[/quote]
I got it at NewEgg for $529, although now it’s going for $499 with free shipping. Some of the people I talked to got deals on this monitor at, but there was some issue of whether or not they were actually buying refurbished monitors. I avoided the uncertainty and just spent the extra dough at NewEgg.

And no dead pixels so far. I’ve owned it for a month and a half or so.

The manufacturing process does not allow for zero tolerance unless you’re willing to pay $10,000 for an LCD display. I guess they’re getting better but it’s really not a big deal if 2 pixels out of 1280 x 1024 are dead – you don’t even notice unless you’re looking for them.

I’ve actually liked the Dell Ultrasharps, though older models seem to have issues with DVI compliance. But the image quality is amazing, though they still haven’t quite hit sub 16ms response time yet.[/quote]

They haven’t even hit 16ms yet, no?

I bought the 20.1" Dell Ultrasharp (to replace an old Nokia 19" CRT) a few weeks ago. The image quality is indeed amazing. Although I didn’t buy it for gaming, I’ve still been pleased with the performance even in games like Halo and Jedi Academy.

I wish I was interested, but I shelled out for a 19" Trinitron less then 8 months ago so I can’t really justify getting another new monitor. Sorry.

You must have been tired after one or two days of sitting in front of your LCD waiting for that red pixel!


Dell’s been strongly hinting at something, but I haven’t seen evidence of it yet. I’ll know in about… 2-3 weeks?