Monitor malfunctioning. No, I will not screw holes into it.

One of my monitors (HP 23xi) has just developed a very annoying quirk. At seemingly random intervals (I haven’t timed it yet, but it seems on the order of anywhere between 5 minutes and multiple hours) it will just turn off. It will then refuse to turn back on unless I unplug it and then plug it back in. On the back, where the power cord goes, the light showing that it’s receiving power stays lit, so I assume the issue isn’t with the cord itself. I also assume that if it were the source (my computer) the monitor would only go into sleep (“no input”) mode instead of powering down completely. Similarly, if it were software related it would go into sleep mode (I have Windows set to never turn the screen off regardless). In either case, it wouldn’t explain its refusal to turn back on.

So what else could be the problem? When the monitor is on it has no functional issues. I’ve also never had any issues with the power button, so I wouldn’t think it would be the switch, but that would be the most obvious answer from my perspective.

Have any of you had a similar issue in the past?

Nevermind I just diagnosed that it is indeed the switch.

I’ll get the screwdriver.

That’s drill holes. Oh Teddy Rex, we miss you.

I wish I could like the two prior posts. Nice job guys!

And I’m glad you couldn’t, so you had to post that. If I were the OP (which I’m not), you taking the effort to write those last three words would mean much more than a quick thumbs up…

<group hug>

For the newcomers who did not have the pleasure:

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