Monitor Qs: Gaming vs 2K/4K vs Curved? Bang for buck

I’m looking on NewEgg and monitors are divided into many categories. Can someone explain the difference or the focus between ones they have categorized as “Gaming”, “2K/4K” and “Curved”? I’m looking to spend not more than $500, hopefully less than $400 pre tax. I’d like one that is good all around since I both work from it and game from it. Currently I have a 2 monitor system and my biggest is 1920 x 1080; I’d like to improve on that.

One I have my eye one; would this be good all around?

Thoughts or recommendations?

Thanks in advance

Gaming most likely refers to high refresh rate - typically these are TN displays, which are less colour accurate and have narrower viewing angles than IPS. If your work involves art, you’ll want an IPS screen, but go for a high refresh rate one if you can.

2K v 4K is exactly what it sounds like. Unless you have or expect to buy a very, very beefy graphics card, don’t worry about 4K.

Curved seems gimmicky to me and not worth paying for, but it makes a bit more sense if you have a very wide large monitor than it does on a TV.

Yeah, curved TVs make no sense, but I could see a curved monitor that is sitting right in front of me being nice.

Curved TVs make plenty of sense… over 65 inches.

Never heard of a curved monitor before.

I’ve been using a Dell 34" curved since this summer and love it. It replaced my 9yo 30". The downside is I run into even new games that don’t support 21:9 ratios. But, man, Witcher 3 and other games look awesome with it.

My current dilemma is if I want to add another 24" Benq 144Hz gaming monitor to make my setup a triple monitor setup. I’d have to get a new monitor stand/mount for all 3 but am wondering if anyone else has done it. I have two GTX 780s in SLI but can’t think of what games I’d run in triple-monitor setup other than driving games.

My son has a curved 24" Samsung monitor and it’s REALLY pretty. It works really well plugged into his XBO.