Monitor rainbow screen of perma-death?

I have a 24’ Dell monitor that is over 10 years old. Yesterday it just gave up and died I think.

When I plug it in I get rainbow screen. None of monitor buttons work. Tried different power cables, different video output cables, and 2 different computers. No dice.

100% hardware failure it seems. Just seeing if anyone knows of a last resort most likely physical solution or should just call it and buy a new monitor?

If none of the monitor buttons work, it sounds like a circuit board went bad, plus the screen issue also points to a possible circuit board issue, if you went through the usual suspects (video cords / power supply cable).

Have you tried powering on while holding down the power button for like 10-20 seconds? I recall some dell screens would factory reset if you did that.

If all else fails, you know what you have to do right?

Drill more holes in it and see if that resolves the issue, its the final option.

What power button are your referring to? A computers?

Note I get this rainbow screen just plugging the monitor’s power cord into an electrical outlet (not even connected to any PC). Connecting it to my two PCs doesn’t seem to make any difference. Nether does switching any of the monitor cables. (Power, DVI, VGA, etc).

Monitor power button. :)

10 years sounds like a pretty good run. I had more or less the same thing happen to one just out of warranty. I was not happy.

Alright just tried it. Nothing. Probably need to drill holes into the screen now.

Side note, if you do replace it and want something similar, I got this last year and love it as a 2nd screen:

Sweet, that was the exact same monitor I was looking at to buy.

You have excellent tastes.

16:10 ftw!

I actually game on it more than I do my 4k screen.

I use this currently as my #1 screen. it is awesome.

This seems like the perfect candidate for a certain experiment…

I am hoping for pics and or a video!

Also @roguefrog , you can recycle your screen for free at any Staples. :)





This is by far my favorite forum inside joke.

Also, no one has mentioned Populous yet.

NOT UNTIL he posts video of the Great Experiment, dammit.
Or at the very least, a few photos.


If he drills holes in it, skittles are going to start pouring out.

Well yeah, if the holes are drilled into Giorgio Tsoukalos’ head, I’d totally expect Skittles to start pouring out, or maybe bat shit.