Monitors: Anyone Using an Optiquest Q95?

I’m helping my in-laws shop for a new monitor, and the local stores only carry junky models. Thus I am leaning towards ordering one online, but was looking for feedback before I do so.

I like the Viewsonic monitors in general (although the A90f that they have at CompUSA seems pretty crappy), and have been very happy with my 19" E790B. My in-laws are more concerned with price, however, and the Optiquest Q95 seems a great value at $224.

Does anyone here have one? Do you like it?

Had a bunch of them at my former place of employment (19" right?). They worked pretty well, though for some reason I think they should be a little cheaper than that, or I might be thinking third-hand. Anyway, they work pretty well I thought. Not great but not crappy either.

— Alan