Monk fans take note:

Eh, no big loss. Shaloub can carry that show by just standing on screen, repeatedly and unavoidably touching a lamp post for 60 minutes straight.

I like Ted Levine, but there’s only so much of him I can watch until I puts the lotion on the skin…

That’s a shame. Aside from the inevitable Bit Where Sharona Threatens To Leave (But You Know She Won’t), I thought they worked well together.

Wait a minute…

" USA already has put the word out in the casting community for a new regular part on the series, that of a world-weary but attractive thirtysomething widow who works as a bartender."

They’re turning it into Becker?!

Bummer but by the time its back on the air with new episodes in January I’ll have forgotten about the show.

This is horrible news!

I thought there were new ones in September. I guess I misunderstood. My problem is that I always think I have seen commercials saying my favorite shows are coming out with new episodes soon.

Sigh. I thought this was a thread about Thelonius Monk.