Monkey Boy thief captured

This guy obviously is a gamer!

You have to love the sly little dig at the end of the article.

“Earlier this year, Rio’s tourist board threatened legal action against producers of TV comedy “The Simpsons” for undermining its tourism campaign by an episode of the long-running animated show in which the city was depicted with rats and monkeys teeming on its streets. Producers apologized.”

I wonder how the tourism board is going to convince me to go to a country where monkey boys leap from trees to rob me? Or throw oranges at me? Maybe The Simpsons got it right.

I want to know if this guy has CounterStrike, Doom or Quake on his computer. Call Congress! Action must be taken!

“The sister of one of the victims who spooked the robber once told Globo newspaper the monkey-boy had later returned to take his vengeance and threw an orange at her from the tree, causing a big bruise.”

Had returned to take his vengeance? I think that’s placing a bit too advanced a motive on this lunatic.