Monkey Island 5

Lucas Arts may be working on another Monkey Island game. World of Monkey Island has the (minor) details

I don’t know how to feel about this.

In one way I really want another Monkey Island game, but at the same time I really doubt it would end up being any good.

Those are some pretty awesome paintings though.

You know, I didnt like Monkey Island 4 AT ALL. The whole control system just really turned me off… and while I doubt a major company like Lucasarts will ever go back to a mouse driven adventure game ( dont think it would sell much, or be actiony enough for consoles), I would hope that they come up with something better then the last title…


I’ve like them all. Even 4. Though I could do without Monkey Kombat. I ended up using a gamepad with Escape (and Grim Fandango as well)

They could always go the DS route, seems perfect for an old school MI revival. A point and click on the PC could be made for the Wii as well, so point and click is kind of viable again in terms of commercial appeal I think.

I did stop at no 3…it wasn’t quite as awesome as the previous two and I didn’t try 4 so I would forever remember the series with such fondness.

Still I’m all for more Monkey Islands and would just say that until Bethesda ported Morrowind to xbox, no-one really expected there to be a good market on console for a pretty complex and detailed ‘grown-up’ rpg. Will Lucasarts be brave and bold?

And if this comes about can we hope(against all hopes!) that it will mean they may seriously be looking at their back catalogue? Will we ever see the likes of a new X-Wing maybe? or what about Indiana Jones? or even good old Zak McKracken?! Please…bring back that golden era!! PC gaming needs you!(and you can make the bucks by console porting) :)

I am against any adventure games being made that use 3d controls. No tank controls, goddamnit. I want to click to move, click to interact.

Also: Down with obtuse puzzles. MI3 is my favorite adventure because almost all the puzzles were very logical. MI4 had more nonsense than I can imagine. Get the fake skin from the prosthetic shop to stretch over the open manhole so you can jump on it like a trampoline to go through the second story window and steal something!


Heh. My girlfriend and I played MI4 together and usually one of us could figure out each puzzle, and I was stubbornly dead set against looking up hints. That manhole thing cracked us.

I’d still welcome a new MI game though. And why not a new Grim Fandango game? Did it not sell well despite the huge critical accolades?

And I am against any adventure game being made that uses fancy-schmancy “graphics” and “sound”. No MTV video games, dammit. I want to type to move, type to interact!

I didn’t have much of a problem with the manhole puzzle. Then again, I finished Discworld 2 without any help, and that only took a weekend, so I guess my brain doesn’t work quite like those of other people.

For my part, I liked 4 more than I did 3. 3 just completely turned me off in graphics, design, voices, locations, puzzles - everything. 4 wasn’t great either, but I preferred it, so for now judgment on a possible 5 is reserved.

Man, you’re crazy. The voices in MI3 were so much better than the ones in MI4. Stan was actually funny in MI3.

No, I want the most streamlined and responsive interface possible. Mouse clicking fits the bill.

there is hope.

Please let MI5 be 2D.

I get this a lot. To be fair, I can’t really remember Stan in MI3, but I do remember Elaine and Guybrush being quite wrong. I think Guybrush had the same voice actor in 4, but the delivery was better.

Hope for a movie maybe? I guess Burton would make a good movie, but Its not GF2 though.

I think the assumption is that if the movie does well it might convince LucasArts to make GF2.

Admittedly MI3 was my first MI game, but I think Guybrush’s voice was perfect, and the Elaine in 3 was vastly better than the Elaine in 4. I guess in the end it just comes down to personal taste though, so meh.

Ah, the Grim Fandango movie turned out to be a Hoax.

"Some members became suspicious after the user was able to ‘find’ websites which takled about the Grim Fandango Movie before they had even been indexed into Google’s search engine. After some research it was found out that this was very likely to be an elaborate hoax with all of the source websites coming from one person. "

It’s amazing that there is a community around Grim Fandango. Its a great game (One of my top 5), but there was no new content for a long time now and MP is dead.
Apparantly they are porting it to the HL2 engine. I wish they were porting PS:T.

I loved all the voice-acting in 3, which is my favorite of the Monkey Island games, in retrospect, even though I still love the originals. The guy doing Guybrush was awesome. Also: ship song!