Monkey Island 5

Ah, Guybrush!

This thread is making me want to play MI3 again. I only played it once, unlike 1 & 2 that I’ve finished multiple times. I miss Murray.

Man I love that game so much. I should replay it sometime.

By “porting” I think you mean “totally re-creating the game,” because the Source engine has nothing to do with LucasArts technology.

I love Grim Fandango, but it really doesn’t need a sequel. It’s complete as it is.

From what I’m told on another forum, the concept art comes from Steve Purcell, and he’s presently working at Pixar. The implication of this would be that an animated movie would be more likely than anything else, I guess. In the wake of Pirates, I could see it happening, but as Purcell said it’s not related to an existing or cancelled project, maybe it’s just something he did for the sake of it. Who knows?

I’d still like to believe it’s another game, though. The series is getting long in the tooth, but I’d love to revisit the setting again.

Exactly. Some games should be left alone.

PS MI3 FTW. The art direction, the writing, the not-entirely obtuse puzzles (I’m looking at you, MI2).

Damnable MI3 lovers. One of these days I’ll dance on your graves.

Really can’t stand so much of that. The opening was cool, and Murray’s awesome, but almost the entire first real Act was dreadful. The barbershop quartet and all associated stuff was fantastic, though, I admit. The monkeys, though?

But… I dunno. The sea battles weren’t great. The island with Goodsoup really didn’t seem like Monkey Island, at all, although Stan was as great as ever. The ending sections were completely banal and deserve no more words.

MI3 just seemed like it went overboard (pun unintended) on ridiculousness and lost the feel of the other games. MI4 wasn’t great either, but it at least felt more like Monkey Island in most ways (excepting Starbuccaneers and Planet Threepwood, obviously). Although, again, the ending bits were atrocious.

That’s right. I didn’t know porting meant using other technology’s assets with another technology. I guess their building everything from scratch. I’d expect more of a difference though.

Well, that’s just your opinion, man.

And who says “banal” these days, anyway?

I know. But I do so love spouting my opinions over the internet (or, well, anywhere, really.)

Just be glad I didn’t use “thusly”.