Monkey See, Monkey Do: Playing Any Modern Combat Games?

Geez. I worked for I-Magic at the time, and I still couldn’t stand it. The terrain was just horrible. You couldn’t tell where anything was.

Yes, the graphics were horrible.

However, the rest of the game was superior to M1TP2.

Anything would have been superior to poor M1TP2. Pity there are still no good armoured sims out. :cry:

But there is. Doesn’t even require a 3D card…

As ever,

Loyd Case

Thanks Mr. C. I’ll check into it,

Preachy, there is a scroll rate adjustment. Read Data\Readme2.txt for directions on modifying the Data\SPMBT.INI file.

But if you’re having significant mouse problems, I’m going to guess you’re playing it on an XP box. If so the answer lies in mucking about with XP rather than adjusting the game settings. Officially we don’t support XP (whatever support means for a bunch of hobbyists giving a game away :D ).

But a number of us play the game on XP, as do many of our users. Since I’m a dinosaur, so I don’t. If you go to the SPMBT egroup (yeah, you gotta deal with Yahoo) you’ll find a bunch of XP help in the Files section, and lots more on the message board. Sorry I’m not more useful.

I miss a lot of my old buds from the cdmag boards. :( I’m mostly back to hanging out on Consimworld these days, when it’s up.

Yup, the next version of SPMBT (which will be done when it’s done :D ) is in testing now.

Let me know how it turns out. You want SP sleazy tricks, I got lots of 'em.

Yeah, the crew that populated the CGM wargaming forums didn’t return when the forums went up again. I noticed they no longer have dedicated wargaming sections. Maybe not surprising as Bob Mayer was fired and Scott Udell hasn’t shown up so far. Pity, I always just lurked there but it was the best independent discussion forum, better than The Wargamer IMO.

I seem to have a really short attention span today, as the idea of reading this entire thread makes me weak… but I want to toss in a vote for America’s Army. It’s one of my top 5 games of 2002. Good times.

Well, yes, I was using XP…

Thanks very much for your help. Now to actually get round to playing it.

The baby brother does play games like Command & Conquer, though he only has the older versions as he has a five year old, non-upgraded computer system, a fact which I just changed through a massive upgrade when I went down to visit his house to check in on it while everyone is overseas.

He also played Advanced War for the GBA an awful lot after I sent him both the game and the GBA for his birthday, which occurred during his stint in Afghanistan. I was hoping that AW2 would be out by his 2nd birthday in the field, but that didn’t happen.

He doesn’t have a flight sim at home, mostly because of his previous ancient system and the fact that he has much more advanced versions over at Fort Cambell. However, we did discover over one weekend in which he visited that I can fly the MS FS2002 Chinook better than he could, mostly because of how unrealistic it is. ;)

Too bad they don’t have a good PSYOP sim out there, which is what I did during my stint in the US Army. :)

I’ve been trying to fly the helos in Desert Combat like the ones in Longbow 2, and well, its not working. Does anyone else find the helos in Desert Combat to fly like shit?

Too bad they don’t have a good PSYOP sim out there, which is what I did during my stint in the US Army. :)

I think DDR counts as a psyop sim. When I see it, I feel like surrendering in the hopes that it will all be over.

Actually, anyone itching to play M1TP2 should get the v1.2 patch (seemingly still available at Games Domain), which brought in - yay!- D3D support which, double yay!, still works with my GeForce 4 on XP.

Inspired by this thread, I gave it a try tonight…