Monopoly in Space board game

Hey guys, I’m hoping some of you can help me out.

I played a game, years and years ago, that was very akin to Monopoly (though I have no idea who published it…it might not have even been MB) but played in space. It wasn’t a Monopoly knock-off, exactly, as the path you travelled wasn’t the traditional Monopoly perfect square, but you travelled around the solar system. You could buy the moon, and the moons of all the various planets. If you got all the moons around one planet, you could start to develop them.

If memory serves me well, it was more fun than any game of Monopoly I’ve ever played, and I’d sure like to pick that game up, but I can’t, for the life of me, remember the name. Can someone help?

I know the one you’re talking about, but the actual name isn’t coming to me right now. You traveled in rockets and had to worry about having fuel and you also built fuel stations right? I’ll try to keep the idea of the game in the back of my mind and maybe the name will come to me.

Is this it?


That’s the one!! Thanks.

Great game. At least, I thought so the one time I played it.

I used to have that game, but I have no idea what happened to it. It must be at one of my parents’ houses still or else we got rid of it at some point. I’ll have to try and find out.

Did anybody ever do a PC adaptation of Cosmic Encounter?

There’s an online version somewhere – java-based, I think.

This probably isn’t the game you’re looking for, but one of my all-time favorite games is “Merchant of Venus,” a space-trading boxed game by Avalon Hill. You develop routes from system to system, trying to find and develop the best money runs out there as quickly as you can, upgrade your ship along the way, and build space stations which earn you a percentage of each transaction that take place there, etc.

Highly recommended if you can ever find a copy.

Cool. Thanks Gordon – while I’m hittin’ e-bay for SolarQuest, I’ll keep that one in mind, too.

Merchant of Venus – what a clever title. :)

I have an old copy of SolarQuest, Murph. If you need any questions answered about it, fire away. I haven’t played it in ages, but I’m too much of a game packrat to sell it. Plus, I’m not a very good Ebay gouger. If I were to sell it, I’d feel guilty asking too much for it.