Monster Hunter 4U

This comes out tomorrow! My collectors edition is set as ready to ship with an arrival day of tomorrow. Can’t wait to start hunting some critters! Who else is going to hunting and crafting it up?

Friend Codes:

Shellfishguy (Gundabar on the 3DS) 3411-2557-4933
Angrycoder: 2277-6739-8927
Profanicus: 4983-4953-5751
Bandersnatch: 2680-9400-1212
WarpRattler: 2122-8665-8772

Got my copy today and am already in the process of collecting frills for my great jaggi armor :)

Mostly using the charge blade as I enjoyed it so much in the demo, but found I was accidentally killing Great Jaggi before I could break his frill. So switched up to hammer for some head pounding.

Prankster has the biggest say on if I jump in or not. :) Does this one require the new 3ds or will it work on the old and dirty 3ds XL of like forever ago (2 years in Nintendo marketing)?

Does Monster Hunter have an Icebreaker?

No, it doesn’t require the new 3DS. I’m playing it on my old 3DS XL and it works fine.

I’m still fighting Royal Ludroths in MH3U on Wii U, and I’ll be for a while. I wish I could get this, but I can’t justify buying a 3DS anytime soon.

Anyway, you all, have fun! I look forward to reading your tales of adventure and triumph. Or failure. ;)

Me! I never really got into monster hunter until I played the demo for 4U when it came out last month. Then I sat down and spent a little time with 3U on the Wii U. Maybe by a little time I mean an addiction where I sank 60 hours into the game over 3 weeks. I ‘beat’ the single player, finishing the low rank quests, did a handful of the high rank and multiplayer before I burnt out because the single player was too hard and the multiplayer was too easy. Seriously, I spent 2 hours a day for a week trying to kill the Pink Rathian and just couldn’t do it. I decided to set it aside so I wouldn’t still be burnt out by the time 4 hit.

Picking up my new 3ds tomorrow and the game should be coming shortly after from amazon.

We’ll have to setup a hunter list once we figure out how the friend codes work.

As far as I can see it uses your 3DS friend list.


Prankster is my Monster Hunting buddy. I have played more hours in that franchise with just him or him and a rotating crew than probably any other game I can think of. Sure, I might have over a 1000 hours of LoL, but I probably have just as much MH time and nearly all that time was played with Prankster. That said, the nature of the game makes each subsequent run less fulfilling as you know the patterns. So my heart may not be in it this time. On the other, other hand though, I was just reading that 4U brings many new monsters to the table so there would be a lot of new patterns to learn.

For now I am a pass on MH4U. I traded my 3DS with the idea of getting new one, then needed to do some car repairs with that money. Now I am having second thoughts on if I really want to play a 500 hour game on a handheld (I don’t really like handhelds all that much).

Plus Chaplin is right, you can’t go home again. I love MH, but my enjoyment seems to diminish with each subsequent game and I am kinda sick of having to buy a new console just to play MH. (Wii, WiiU and now 3DS…and I kinda hate Nintendo stuff). While I definitely would pick up a copy if it was one WiiU again, I’m not that excited to either buy a new 3DS or play MH on it (particularly since I like TriU sooooo much better on the WiiU than 3DS).

Let’s then hope that MH4U will some day appear on the Wii U. ;)


Oh sure, get me all excited and hyped up for the series then ditch me! I see how it is Merry, bastard. =)

Hahaha…that’s been my evil master plan all along Shellfish! :D

My friend code is: 2277-6739-8927

I’ll be playing once it unlocks on the store here.

If people would like, I can make a list of Friend Codes in the first post. I’ll edit my code in and then add others if folks think its a good idea.

Checking Amazon it looks like the game has shipped and I should have it tomorrow!

That’s a good idea shellfish.

My copy should arrive in 3 days. My circle pad pro came yesterday though! Gunlance for life brah, though I do want to try out the new weapons. Somehow I forgot wyvern fire existed until I accidentally did it and blasted the head off a Great Jaggi in the MH4U demo.

When you get your game, don’t forget to go get yourfree starter pack full of all sorts of goodies!

Note: Only good between Feb 13 and March 15.