Monster Hunter PSP: Ten tips I wish I'd known when I started playing

  1. Don’t try to do the missions inside the guild hall! Until you get better equipment, they’re for multiplayer games. Talk to the little short dude standing outside the front door to get your missions. Do each of the one-star missions for your tutorial.

  2. Sell all that stuff your gathering. All of it. Yeah, those expensive Kuat-Ki Scales or whatnot look like they might come in handy later, but forget it. Sell them. You need money now to upgrade a weapon. Don’t worry about being a packrat until later. BTW, you can sell stuff directly from the inventory box in your house.

  3. Don’t waste your money on armor just yet. First upgrade a weapon, ideally the short sword.

  4. Don’t fuss at all with the crossbow. It’s not going to help you and you’re just going to waste your money if you upgrade it. I know it looks pretty sexy, but the crossbow simply isn’t a viable weapon for solo gameplay, at least early in the game.

  5. The meat cooking isn’t that important early on, since the missions will give you free rations. But you still want to learn to cook raw meat into well-done meat and then sell it. To peg the timing, firstly, you must know that the tutorial is a filthy liar! The circle button has no place in meat cooking. Tap out the beats of the music (one-TWO-one-TWO-one-TWO). As soon as the music ends, press the X button at the moment the next TWO beat should have come in.

  6. Don’t think you’re going to play each mission once, move on to the next mission, and eventually finish them one after the other. Monster Hunter isn’t about finishing the missions, it’s about kitting out your hunter. The missions are there for you to replay. Keep doing the Velociprey hunting mission. On level two, the Sootstone theft is good for replaying.

  7. The lance is good for being able to simultaneously guard and attack. You can hold the guard button down and attack from a defensive position. It’s fairly easy to rotate to face Velociprey as they’re jumping around you.

  8. The hammer is good to quickly take out bit slow dumb beasts for meat. Use a charge up attack with a quick follow up to kill them before they know what’s hit them.

  9. This is going to sound very, umm, Bard’s Tale I, but I recommend written notes to keep track of what items you’re saving up for. It’s a real bummer to see that you can upgrade that Great Sword, only to realize later that you were saving your Earth Crystals for something else. Doh!

  10. If you live in LA and want to hang out somewhere and do a few guild missions or a treasure hunt, PM me. No joke. I like this game enough that I’d be totally up for a Monster Hunter meet.


Are there any combo recipies that are actually worth making or should I just sell everything and buy the supplies I need(flash/paint balls)?

Didn’t see that there was an official MH hint thread, so I’m reposting my plea for help here:

What I’m about to say is a low level spoiler:

How the hell are you supposed to haul that giant egg all the way back to base camp? I mean, come on. Who did it and how? The damn bug right outside the cave mouth smashes it most of the time. The fast waddle animation is funny, though.

Oops, I already answered Erik’s question in the other thread.

Spence, the only early recipe really worth futzing with, as far as I know, is blue mushrooms + herbs for healing potions. But even that isn’t really crucial early on, since you get healing drinks as free supply with your missions.


Has anyone found a decent FAQ for the skills? I see that a lot of the weapons and armour give +whatever to a bunch of different skills, but I have no idea what any of them do. There is only scant mention of them in the manual, and their is no in game tooltip for them either. I checked gamefaqs, but the only faq there is pretty week.

Is this the same game you reviewed here?

Most comments/reviews on it have had people more frustrated than having fun. Have any games for the PSP ever been “patched” to alleviate issues players have?

I must admit… I loved Harvest Moon for the GBA… until some jerk stole it while I was in the hospital. I went down for a CAT scan, and when I came back up my handheld and all my games were gone. I think I was more upset about losing all the time and care I’d put into the game (how far I’d advanced my character) than I was about losing the handheld itself. I’ve often wished there was a Harvest Moon for PSP. After all, my eyes can’t handle action games on such little displays and it seems like almost everything made for the PSP is an action title. Even though I’ve had the PSP a long time, I have very few games even though it’s my primary form of entertainment while stuck in hospital hell.

Don’t mean to derail the thread, but there is a Harvest Moon game on the way for DS.

Oops, I already answered Erik’s question in the other thread.

I didn’t realize that the raptors don’t respawn. Once I killed them, the egg carrying got a lot easier. I love how your running animation changes when there’s a giant monster around. It switches from the regular hunched over sprint to a straight backed, knee pumping Scooby Doo panic dash sort of deal.

I see that a lot of the weapons and armour give +whatever to a bunch of different skills, but I have no idea what any of them do.

This is my biggest problem with the game. They managed to cram in a few sentences about, like, the huckleberry, but didn’t include any description of what any of the cryptically named skills do. That seems like a huge oversight.

That’s one I really wish I had known. I didn’t even try out the lance until well into the 2 star quests. I had been using the Great Sword the entire time! Wow, did Velociprey become easy once I switched to the lance.

Now… how about those Sand Wyverns. Any good strats? I took a crack at the liver quest and led to my first failed quest. The sonic bombs they give you seem to help, but you only get two, and those things are expensive. Is it worth buying up a few of those or is there another way?

I have a question: is there any way to cause monster corpses to stick around more than a few seconds? I hate killing 3-4 Velociprey and then only getting to loot the last one cause the others disappeared. Skinning them in combat seems to be a bad idea. Any suggestions?

I’m hoping later in the game, something comes along, Charles. Maybe one of the skills? It sucks to fight off four Velociprey and to only get to harvest one. :(

Reed, as for the tougher creatures, you’re on the right track. It seems like you’ve pretty much got to use expensive doo-dads to get them. Even then, it’s not always a sure thing. There are some pretty elaborate set-ups later on involving pits and bait and so forth.


That is annoying. But you can ninja loot a lot. Kill one, carve it quick, then get back to fighting. I typically get away with it sans damage, though when there are 4+ Velociprey attacking I usually just let it go unless it’s a Velocidrome. Which is worth taking some damage for when you’re saving up those claws!

Anyone know good food combos from the cat-cook? I chose the 3star meat cook and have gotten negative effects on my two tries.

There are some really nice animations in this game. The jumping on a bed and mission accomplished anims are particularly appealing. The character feels like he is full of energy.

There is a Harvest Moon coming for PSP. It’s set in the fuuuutuuuure.

Great I love how the game points that out to you.

So would you say the Lance is a good starter wep?

If I keep up with the game I’d be down for that.

One question though when you are on a mission you cant like well you know pause the game? Start brings up a menu and select kicks. Pressing home doesn’t pause the game as the quest timer keeps running I guess you could “pause” it by going in to sleep mode but come on now is there really no way to pause the game?

Also whats the deal with the analog nub controlling movement but it doesnt move the menus and stuff? Thats just kinda retarded IMHO. I’ll see if I can get in to the game but the no pause thing I think might irk me a bit.

It actually does, but you’d be surprised at how many people miss that. Or maybe you wouldn’t be surprised, since you seem to have missed it as well. :)

For the record, so did I.

As for a starter weapon, I’d say stick with the short sword/shield combo at first, but you should definitely try each of the other weapons as well to see if you cotton to any of them. I’m a big fan of the lance, but I almost never use the great sword or hammer. I should probably experiment with them some more and maybe give them an upgrade or two.

As other folks have pointed out, the mission structure was built for MP and there are a lot of strange artifacts of that: no ingame pause, the delay after finishing a quest but before leaving the area, the timer when you’re taking your reward. To pause the game during a mission, just put the PSP in sleep mode.


Yeah the great sword is the suck IMHO. Its just really slow and kinda annoying. I am gonna put a few more hours in to the game and see if I start to dig on it.

So would you say this is a substantial improvement on the PS2 game that made it to the US, Tom? I really wanted to like that one, but it just felt too clunky to handle. Your impressions have me all hopeful and shit.

Ranvarian, if you’re not digging it after a few missions, it may not be your bag. I can completely understand folks not getting into it. If the gathering and crafting aren’t enough of a hook for you, and if you aren’t curious to get better with the different weapons, it might not work.

Matt, I didn’t play the PS2 version, but from reading up on the history of the series, it seems the conventional wisdom is that the PSP version is quite an improvement over the PS2 version that was ported for North America. There are certainly bits of this PSP version that are clunky, and it progresses pretty slowly, especially at first. So there’s your caveat.