Monster Hunter Rise on the Switch and PC

I always feel ashamed that I’m letting the side down whenever I try online hunts! The other guys just swarm and I’m left scratching my head. :)

Well that clears it up. Thank you!

My experience in World was mixed, to put it mildly. At least there are comparatively few avenues for real griefing, and I did have some positive experiences, but as with anything involving random people it’s a crapshoot and the bad experiences stick with you for a long time.

To each their own of course, but I’ll stick to solo and play with friends.

I think in 200 hours, I only witnessed a dick move once in Rise. It’s really walled to prevent any of those. Also the overwhelming Japanese presence sure helps.

The Switch crowd may also be a different cross-section than the PC crowd, and certainly the early adopters will be different than the long tail.

I must say, after months of complaining, the jump to lance-dash transition move not working with B configuration of buttons has been fixed! Hurray!

Tip for people too, I resisted the hunting helpers for a while because it wasn’t obvious to me what they do and I didn’t want to bother. This was a mistake.

Especially on the harder hunts, using a stinkmink to drag one monster to the other so they fight and riding the first that becomes ride able allows you to do a good amount of damage. You can usually do this multiple times per fight too.

Also, there is a strategy to monster riding which took me a while to figure out. When you have two monsters attacking each other, you have two options depending on if the target monster becomes ridable first.

If the target monster becomes ridable first, you want to wall ram him until you run out of wirebugs, and then ram him into the other monster. This will make the other monster ridable and so you can ride that one and do more damage to the target monster

Conversely, if the non-target monster becomes ridable, then you want to attack the monster as much as you can before the timer runs out, then do a ram into the target monster to make him ridable. Then ride the target monster and ram him into walls for damage.

Hey all, PSA time! The just released Nvidia 511.23 drivers, explicitly released with MHR optimisations, tanked my framerate.

I hadn’t really played yet, creating a toon and messing around a bit in the training area and doing the first mission, but with more or less maxxed settings on a 3090 (150% in-game-scaling and native 4K, most post-process at max, no DOF, no Motion Blur) was getting solid 120FPS (locked in-game).

After the 511.23 update, stuck at 30-40 fps. Rolling back to 427.29 and rebooting resolved.

I didn’t have an issue with the driver update on the old 2080ti. I did experience one instance so far where the frame rate suddenly dropped, but toggling full screen fixed that. Apart from that, it seems to run the same.

The annoying issue I do have, unrelated to drivers, is that the game does not remember my resolution and ‘full screen HDR’ setting. I have to set those every time I start the game up.

I’m having a ton of fun because I’ve decided this is the game where I’m going to try all the weapons. I only used 4 of them in World so I have a lot of new stuff to experience. The easy monsters work well because I’m just there to try to land the combos. The low time-to-kill is fine too because I can simply hunt the other monsters on the map and have plenty of time leftover for the main target, at least so far.

The game respects the player’s time, up to the very end — even the extra ultra mega extra monsters are surprisingly quickly dispatched, but only with the proper team and strategy, otherwise they last for a long while. Nothing like what I’ve seen from Iceborne.
We ain’t got G rank yet though!

My 3080 is fine after the update

I had a crash this morning on my 1060 a couple minutes into my first hunt of the day but restarted and played a bunch of hunts now. Running at 4K, and it is super nice!

So many monsters! Doing the village quests as “training wheels” mode and the hub quests to see “the real version” of the monsters on the side. In a village quest I’ll routinely hunt extra monsters if they so much as look at me a bit funny - “I was only here to pick up these rare herbs but if you want to pick a fight”… I took out my first Barioth on the way to hunt another monster, which is pretty different to how it played out in Iceborne (although to be fair that was Master/G-rank Barioth).

1060 and 4k are not things I’m accustomed to seeing in the same sentence. I’ve toyed with DSR to do it once in another game, and it worked fairly well but not something I was going to keep active all time.

I know, it’s super smooth and crispy delicious - I usually run things in 1080p so this is a special treat. Of course even a 1060 curb stomps the hardware in a Nintendo switch (the whole game is < 30Gigs in size?!) so it’s not so surprising. It’s amazing to be able to bop around the village and jump into quests so quickly - there’s an HDD under the hood here, so I’m used to taking a break whenever a loading screen pops up.

Also, the dango looks like a delicious snack, but I do miss the crazy full meals you got in World. But I love that there are sooo many monsters - I’m sure I’m going to miss the ones that didn’t come back from World, because it was like a warm hug when Pukei pukei made a surprise appearance when I was hunting something else! If I can wish, I kind of hope they port versions of all of the World/Iceborne content - they need to take a page from the Hitman series ;)

I’m having a lot of fun, too. So far no quests took me longer than 15 minutes, which is great, and I’m also experimenting with weapons. I really like this iteration of the Hunting Horn, Gunlance is great, and I love that you can go spinning with the Hammer on demand now.

Please, just don’t do it in MP, as there is no way to counter the staggers it causes.

Sorry, the UNGA BUNGA is just too loud for me to hear any of that. SPIN WHEEEEEEEEE

Seriously though, isn’t there a flinch free option in Rise? Because if not, then no one should bring longswords either into MP.

I’m triple-buffed with the Insect Glaive at all times, so I laugh while the other players knock each other around.

The hammer finisher sends (unless it wasn’t intentional and has been fixed since last year?) any player around it flying, no matter your flinch protection.