Monster Hunter Rise on the Switch and PC

New trailer:

June 30th

Warning to anyone picking up Rise for the first time, if you are new ignore the defender weapon and the freebie armor it gives you. It’s overpowered and meant to get you to the end game quickly so you are ready for the expansion, but it will ruin the experience (remove all sense of progression, and give you zero reason to care about gear and materials).

I’m really annoyed they made the same mistake as World, because every person I tried to get into MHW after defender gear was available didn’t understand the game and thought the game loop was boring. At least some of these loved rise when it released because they saw how there was actual progression.

In other news I caved and double dipped. It’s sooooo nice playing this at 60fps and not on the small switch screen (playing on a laptop from the couch). Just wish I could move my save over, so now I’m just trying to rush to the end game.

Elden Ring has ended! I shall return to Rise!

I don’t remember which weapon I was about to start playing. Maybe dual blades?

I was going to try one of the bowguns, since I’ve never tried them before. However, since I’m starting a fresh character I didn’t want to deal with ammo farming.

Therefore, I’m giving bow a shot.

Sunbreak demo comes out tomorrow for Switch and PC. Might as well just wait 2 weeks for the final release. I’m still in the middle of the base game so it’ll be a while for me.

I recently switched to Great Sword. Everything finally clicked about the weapon and I’m having a blast. I’m still bad at timing tackles, but getting better. I finally slowly made my PC save past Narwa and have done enough quests to get to HR 32, finally past my switch save.

I preordered Sunbreak from GMG since they have it for a discount ($33). Looking forward to it, and have been enjoying everything I’ve seen. Not going to bother with the demo though.

Yeah I double-dipped the PC version after playing heaps on Switch, and didn’t make much of a dent in it.

Definitely rectifying that when Sunbreak releases!

I initially felt dumb for double dipping, but it’s so much nicer playing 60+ fps on PC.

Thought I’d add this here as it’s pretty satisfying:

i don’t know why but having the final hit be a slow motion thing is just fun

Good find. It really is kind of anticlimactic to see the kill cam pop up suddenly, especially when it’s off a cheap hit instead of a finisher. Plus I need to start some last-second looting!

I wonder if it still does the slow-mo if you’re not looking at the monster and something else kills it. I guess that’s rare and not a big deal.

I thought you could always skip the kill cam thing, try press B a second or two after the anim starts.

I’ll never hunt with some of you guys.
Killing monsters. Enjoying watching them die. Denying the beautiful chaos that is a hunt with its often unexpected endings.
And I thought framerate discussions were bad!

Yeah definitely this. I do this all the time (for more carving and gathering time).

that’s what great about the slowdown mod, you really get to experience the killing blow nicely lol

It does do the slow motion if someone else kills it. I’ve never been elsewhere on the map when the monster dies though

The Sunbreak demo is out, and the game is pretty much exactly the same. The behavior of the monsters are still as predictable. The same limited wild life is present. It also felt as if the counter window for the lance with which I played had been vastly extended, although it can as well have been an uncalled change made over the past year in the standard game.

I’m a bit harsh. The new armors look cool.
But 40$ for a cosmetic dlc pack is a bit ouch.

The hype when folks got excited for the Espinas and Gore Magala monster reveals during the Capcom showcase is pretty infectious. I am curious about how they are handling the endgame - I never finished grinding up to Crimson Valstrax whereas I spent tons of time in post-Iceborne content even if I never touched Fatalis - I burned out while making sets for Alatreon.

??? what? The game has massively different switch skills and the main point of the dlc is adding g rank and endgame goals. honestly a bizarre comment. Behavior of monsters??

G rank is basically that: new monster behaviours. The demo don’t demonstrate any. And the game seems to still basically be to chase a monster around the map at predetermined health drop.