Monster Hunter Rise on the Switch and PC

Damn, you’re gonna make me fire them up one right after the other and compare, aren’t you. You fiend.

I should replay MHGU actually, good idea!

Yeah they’re really going all-in on the mounting aspect this time! Even giving you a little mount to run around the map on, which is cool - especially that you can do pretty much everything without dismounting, like using items, gathering, fighting, and carving.

Struggled a bit with all the new silk controls too, but I dig the ideas. The combat feels excellent to me, though I only tried Great Sword and Dual Blades so far.

It runs much better than I expected, given how good it looks on the old Switch.

Will be picking it up for sure!

Silkbind mounting feels sooooo much better than clutch claw.

They do seem to have made some fairly major changes to HH, but (here comes la différence) they seem all to the good to most HH players, and more or less to me, too.

Is the clutch claw that grappling thing where you carve into the monster in some silly looking animation in World? I didn’t like watching that.

I loved MHGU mounting. It was always some of the funniest moments in MP.

One of the consequences of the amazing traversal of Rise is that the ranged weapons got no… range, anymore, to prevent you from sniping and cheaping your way, obviously — I may have tried ;D
Speaking of the difference of pace, I couldn’t make out my projectiles or their trajectory. I had to rely exclusively on the reticle to be somewhat sure I was actually hitting something (and more often than not, it felt like I didn’t for some reason). I am guessing time is compressed on all levels.

I played MHGU again and sadly, it really feels to me they don’t compete in the same league, yet.

Did you play World? This feels like a pretty natural follow on to World, although a bit scaled down.

The bow feels much the same to me as in World, although Dragon Piercer isn’t as good and I have no idea what the Arc Shot does now, since it no longer appears to rain damaging projectiles. I didn’t find it hard to track my shots; they go towards the reticle. However it did seem easy, and I hope this is a bug that will be corrected before launch, to get into a state where my character would move around but the camera stayed put like I was aiming, and it was impossible to fight that way. It wasn’t hard to get out of, but I don’t ever want to be there in the first place. I also can’t agree that you move as fast with the bow out as you do just running. That’s a baffling contention to me.

Edit: apparently Arc Shot heals now. Coupled with the seemingly low damage output I guess bow is a support weapon, now. Mixed feelings.

Wow, I just tried bow in MHGU and as someone who played all of MHW with bow…I hated it. I can’t believe what a complete redesign they did of it for World, but I’m glad they did. So immobile, so annoying to aim, and it’s not clear you actually get anything back in terms of damage for those, to me, severe drawbacks. I actually abandoned the training quest because it was too frustrating to finish. I can definitely see why someone who played bow in pre-World games would find the bow in Rise hard to come to grips with, though.

The point of bow in MHGU is you don’t aim precisely, but take shots in the direction you’re point at the last moment towards. It takes a lot of practice (if you add all the inventory management, and the 2 to 4 shot type each bow got, plus the special powers. Distance also plays a huge role, and is dependant upon the type of shot you got charged; anyway there is a lot to take in), but it is an amazing weapon, not designed for every fight (no weapon probably is, excepting the hunting horn!) but one that makes some of the toughest and more annoying monsters really fun to play.
I’m sad that the Rise and World bow seems similar and so bland, but I guess that explains why I’ve never seen anybody play it: it seems only the heavy bow gun got the favour of ranged fight there!

Bow has always been in the top two or three most popular weapons in MHW. It’s a very engaging playstyle with a lot of movement involved with the “dashes”. Only longsword has been more consistently popular because people just can’t get enough of huge katanas, I guess. HBG has always been better for raw damage, though. Personally I don’t like HBG that much because it’s not very mobile and seems kinda boring. Bow in MHGU strikes me as very similar, but I found a couple of guides and I’m going to give it more of a shot.

I just tried the long sword (my least favourite weapon of MHGU, by far), and wow, what a difference it makes. I’ll try the great sword next I am guessing.
The 7th weapon was the right choice!

I’m warming up to bow in MHGU!

And great sword is absolutely amazing in Rise.
The sounds also make much more sense (I suspect the hit sound are actually placeholders, as they seem to be the very similar between weapons, while walking on different surfaces produce a variety of step sounds).

For what it’s worth, I’m only familiar with Greatsword and Dual/Demon Blades from MHW and MHGU respectively. So when I said Rise feels great, it was from that perspective, with my two familiar weapon sets. Everything else will feel correct to me if only because it will be my first time with those weapons.

Of the weapons I really affectionate in MHGU, it’s been pretty grim: the lance, charge blade and switch axe all feel very twitchy, quite far from the playstyle I was fond of, the insect glaive is probably the closest to my MHGU experience, excepting they decided to give you the slowest ass bug ever, turning essence gathering into quite the challenging chore, and bow and hunting horn are so far away from their MHGU equivalent they could have been labelled as different weapons.
The extra complexity of the great sword is really fun. Can’t get enough of that thing, definitely my favourite in this demo so far.

I’m just hoping Rise will be devoid of Rajangs, now :O

My MHGU experience has mostly been with the Great Maccao so far, but that think is so coked up it’s hilarious to hear you call the monsters in Rise “too fast”. What an awful choice for a tutorial monster.

Oh not the monsters: the weapons swings.
I also think the Maccao is absolutely adorable :’(

Oh, you said almost immediately that you hadn’t played World, I just missed it. You should really give it a try. Not Iceborne, though. Talk about bags of hitpoints.

Played the demo to death this past weekend, absolutely loving it! It’s fast, fluid, and looks great, plus the Wirebug mechanics are a game changer; not sorry to see the clutch claw go. The mount puppeteering is brilliant, I’d even play a whole monster versus monster mode with unlimited mount time.
I’m most excited for local play, played quite a few co-op hunts with my partner who typically has not been interested in the series but really engaged with playing Rise together.

Super jealous. My girlfriend won’t even think about playing because she just feels bad for the monsters. xD

You’ll be able to capture them instead of massacring them in the full version though ;D