Monster Hunter Rise on the Switch

Yeah, I mained the Charge Blade in Iceborne because they made axe mode very viable. I never enjoyed the “do everything to hit a SAED” thing, and the good thing about Charge Blade in Iceborne is that you have a lot of versatility where there was little or none.

Which is what happened to Switch Axe in MHW, alas - you’d be aiming to do ZED whenever you could, which was so boring to me. Iceborne gave the SA a bit more mobility and all, but with the super mobile monsters, SA really suffered. It was more frustrating than fun for me at that point, so I switched to Charge Blade, mostly. And then S&S.

Dual Blades is fun but a little too anime for me to be proud of it.

This thread has inspired me to reinstall…MHGU. I’m gonna try LBG this time.

Dual blades: embrace your inner weeb!

Not having to keep the sword charged makes more sense for charge blade; its in its own niche field of study, I feel like devoting the time to learn it is a whole other tier of MH mastery.

ZSD criticism is totally valid for Switch Axe, but you don’t have to play it that way. Maybe I’ll give the aerial style a shot once I hit high rank in GU :D

And I thought the new Long Sword was too weeb already for me :O

You back to MHGU, me to MHW. The balance of the universe is maintained!

Oh my. What a style that one is.

Does this mean he doesn’t do SAED much and instead just does charged axe swings up to aeds over and over again? I can see that not being too bad (complexity wise)

By durability do you mean sharpness? It seems like you have the sharpness counter wirebug ability early on which seems to help, well in theory at least I’m bad at timing it so far.

I wouldn’t know! He used the sword a lot and was combining it with the axe in a same combo.
From what I understand, it’s all based around timing very small invulnerability frames as to not get interrupted while performing the combos? Anyway it’s crazy stuff, but I think he must have reached HR999 a long while ago, while I left the game at around 200!

One that doesn’t require much of any player skill is a “critical sharpness” sort of deal — I don’t recall the precise name —, that prevents any loss of sharpness on a critical hit. I have a Gunlance with 80% crit chance, and I had only to sharp it once or twice/monster, although it could go fast if not careful.
That sort of build works well with some of the good weapons that have very small sharpness zones too. I remember I was using it for one of my (many, collecting those is addiciting) horns, and for my insect glaive.

I guess the one benefit gunlance gains from rise is that it’s pretty easy to hop on your pup and kite while sharpening

One of those things I profoundly disliked in Rise, which is why I never bring those poor brokenback dogs on hunts!
It really feels like cheating. I want to hurt, when monster hunting :O

I have played a little World, and the game feels very different from Rise.
I’d argue I like it a bit better so far, if only because, as a low ranking hunter, I got carted twice by an Anja’s breath which one-hit-killed me. The only time this happened in Rise was with the game’s “big evil” monster, and even then, you get a little room to escape that death as it is a two hitter.

The early Anja was soo cool in World. I love having a big scary dangerous thing that you’re not yet equipped to fight roaming around a lower-level area.

But I think some of the newer MH players struggled and disliked it, so maybe they purposefully toned that aspect down in Rise? Agree it is a shame.

The Anjanath was cool. You know what was not cool? The Bazelgeuse.

Yes, I’m still mad.

I thought I was enjoying Rise more than World, but the more I play it, the more it seems the reverse.
The maps are very different and feel both more intimate, but more vast in World, and the monsters moving around all the time feels infinitely better than the robotic “tick” processing of Rise.

Also the monsters have been anything but the horrible Hit Sponges they have become in Rise (and from I gather, that trend began with Iceborne, which I didn’t buy).

The Bazelgeuse in Rise was one of the easiest monsters to hunt. I can’t wait to discover her true form!

I loved World so much, but the Iceborne jumpers were such a pain in the ass.

Edit: Feh! The gunner aiming in MHGU offends me so much. Clunky as hell. Maybe I’ll try hammer.

I never liked the aiming for the bowguns in MHGU (they require a lot of twitch reflexes and turning around), but coped with it for the bow, and it’s satisfying feel of impunity against some aggravating monsters (Rajang >_<).

I’ll continue to tell my World adventure in the wrong thread.
I just enjoy it a lot, although I can’t play online yet, as I am focusing on my beloved Lance, and haven’t found a piece of armor to counter the other player’s staggering.
I thought the environments were nice, but the arrival at the Coral Highlands honestly took my breath away like few games did since Shenmue 2.
Another thing I have been enjoying (I’m still playing at very low rank) is that some monsters just mind their own business without even noticing you, while others are more protective, and some will downright hunt you down if they got a grudge against you (like old time favourite Rathian). In Rise, all the monsters behaved according to the same aggressive framework — justified vaguely by some pretty silly story element that didn’t make sense past a point.

Are you on PC?

Sadly, yes. Need to move the game to the mostly empty SSD too, as I think it’s one of the few that’d benefit from it.

Iceborne monsters aren’t hit sponges, really. The real problem with them is how much they move and how fast they are, which means you hit them less, and thus it takes more time to beat them, which may give the impression they’re hit sponges.

I guess that’s why my main weapon in Iceborne is pretty much the Sword & Shield - the added mobility, coupled with the ability to do big damage when you get an opening, is a pretty good option against the super-mobile monsters in Iceborne.

Iceborne also had the clutch claw - there was the classic rotation “tenderise, bash them into the wall twice to enrage them” before actually fighting which meant monsters spent almost all their time enraged so at max hyperactivity. Is there something similar in Rise? Maybe the wyvern riding bits?

Oh that sounds in some ways similar to the pattern to properly fight a lot of monsters in Rise, although it is not required, as the game is much easier.
Monsters do spend most of their time enraged, because of the fixed conditions at which the rage state should happen, and because of all of those flags being queued and triggered in succession for 20 minutes. Not my favourite part, as I always enjoyed exhausting and knocking out monsters in MHGU.
Also, I don’t know about World, but Rise makes exploiting bad status very pattern-ish. You get to trigger each one once per fight, usually quite early, and that’s about it. It makes a lot of the special ammo/moves/stats on weapons redundant, and going for pure damage the only “right” way.

I’ve seen my group play (the console T_T version of) Iceborne for a while, and any hunt was taking well over 30 minutes. If those are not sponges to you!
And with the monster being enraged all the time, it looked absolutely exhausting.
Rise suffered from the same lengthy fights in its current endgame, until a few crazy builds were found.
I have the feeling those super healthy monsters were the result of a sort of powercreep happening in the game because of a couple of very strong builds (light bowgun and double blade were the ones I recall) making the game easier, and the workaround they found was to pump the hit points ten-times on post endgame monsters. Which leaves the standard weapons builds as mosquitoes flying around the monster, a mere distraction to them.
I guess that’s why I focused on the lance and shield in that game, ha!