Monster Hunter Rise on the Switch

And great sword is absolutely amazing in Rise.
The sounds also make much more sense (I suspect the hit sound are actually placeholders, as they seem to be the very similar between weapons, while walking on different surfaces produce a variety of step sounds).

For what it’s worth, I’m only familiar with Greatsword and Dual/Demon Blades from MHW and MHGU respectively. So when I said Rise feels great, it was from that perspective, with my two familiar weapon sets. Everything else will feel correct to me if only because it will be my first time with those weapons.

Of the weapons I really affectionate in MHGU, it’s been pretty grim: the lance, charge blade and switch axe all feel very twitchy, quite far from the playstyle I was fond of, the insect glaive is probably the closest to my MHGU experience, excepting they decided to give you the slowest ass bug ever, turning essence gathering into quite the challenging chore, and bow and hunting horn are so far away from their MHGU equivalent they could have been labelled as different weapons.
The extra complexity of the great sword is really fun. Can’t get enough of that thing, definitely my favourite in this demo so far.

I’m just hoping Rise will be devoid of Rajangs, now :O

My MHGU experience has mostly been with the Great Maccao so far, but that think is so coked up it’s hilarious to hear you call the monsters in Rise “too fast”. What an awful choice for a tutorial monster.

Oh not the monsters: the weapons swings.
I also think the Maccao is absolutely adorable :’(

Oh, you said almost immediately that you hadn’t played World, I just missed it. You should really give it a try. Not Iceborne, though. Talk about bags of hitpoints.

Played the demo to death this past weekend, absolutely loving it! It’s fast, fluid, and looks great, plus the Wirebug mechanics are a game changer; not sorry to see the clutch claw go. The mount puppeteering is brilliant, I’d even play a whole monster versus monster mode with unlimited mount time.
I’m most excited for local play, played quite a few co-op hunts with my partner who typically has not been interested in the series but really engaged with playing Rise together.

Super jealous. My girlfriend won’t even think about playing because she just feels bad for the monsters. xD

You’ll be able to capture them instead of massacring them in the full version though ;D

Yeah, I told her all about that when I was playing World but she still doesn’t want to beat up on them. They’re just pixels!!!

There was definitely an ‘are we the baddies?’ conversation!

Rise’s demo is pretty grim on that front, with the lack of capture, the angry dog and the crazy pace of sword swinging with a lot of weapons.

The Mizutsune fights back quite well though.

Monster Hunter still stands out as one of, if not the best, online co-op experiences I have ever had. I came in at MHtri on the Wii and it was a blast. I tried the demo for Rise last night and I am pretty excited to have an advanced, yet still portable Monster Hunter.


It sounds like there will be no way to do voice chat in Monster Hunter Rise. Not even the funky Switch phone app thing is going to work. I guess this is another fatality of Japan users being able to do local co-op or something. Even before the pandemic, western world gamers all mancave to each other via the internet. It really is a downer as MH really excels with communication and I can’t see it being the same thing with relying on emotes and sticker expressions. Am I wrong? Is there going to be some way to do voice chat? Monster Hunter just isn’t the same without @merryprankster in my ear cheering on a good full charge GS hit or yelling, “Chap, STOP monster farming” when I stop for some a blue mushroom or honey.

This is why most of us are trolling each others on Discord, I thought.

How does that work though? I have discord on my phone, but won’t the audio splash over from the TV? I saw a YouTube video where a somewhat complicated running of the Switch and discord through a PC was used, but my PC is far from the Switch and intended TV. It would be really nice to have a blended audio (game and voice chat) like basically every other system has. I was hoping they would do a Fortnite type setup, but it would seem not. They are going full old school.

I confess to having hunted down some pieces of audio hardware on eBay to achieve a suboptimal mono mix with my phone.

I don’t have this myself… but I think you can do this:

Homespot 5.0 Audio Adapter Pro for Switch. This lets your switch send BT audio, plus it supports aptX low latency format (you will be a sad panda if you don’t get low latency support). It also allows for connection to your phone and headphones simultaneously.

Wireless headphones that support aptX. One model worth checking out: Audio Technica ATH-M50x

The Homespot option looks like it could maybe work. It seems like a slam dunk for someone using the Switch in handheld. I plan to leave the Switch docked most of the time and it looks like you have to use the mic on the Homespot device. Thus using it docked would not work well where a mic is needed (such as also using discord on a phone for voice chat) since the dock would be several feet away by the TV with Homespot plugged in via the USB adapter. Plus it is a $250ish solution since I don’t have aptX headphones. I do really like the direction of this solution, I just don’t think it quite fully works for my intended use.

At this point I am debating getting a high quality/ noise cancelling Bluetooth earpiece. This means I might be able to just have one ear tied to phone discord while playing the game as normal (with voice enabled via the earpiece). In other words, I would be doing a time leap back to 2007. But…Nintendo gotta Nintendo. This might even be exactly the crazy solution I had back in Monster Hunter Tri days with using the Wii for game and PS3/ bluetooth ear piece for party chat.

Lol…to be fair there were numerous recorded incidents of monster farming…

Maybe we are back to the glory days of needing two consoles to play a Monster Hunter game.

Ah, good catch. I didn’t realize that there is no option to use the mic on the headphones instead of the one on the adapter.

Seems like a real oversight unless the BT mic data from the headphones to the adapter somehow overwhelms the adapter.

It will be fun when Nintendo releases the “Super Switch” or whatever it’s called, with the exact same problem.