Monster Hunter Rise on the Switch


It sounds super preliminary and it’s (over?) a year away but glad to hear there’s more monster hunter coming for the PC master race. All the new types of monsters in Rise look great.

I hope they mash up all the content into a MHW: Rise Ultimate edition somehow, just to be able to hunt everything under one hood, but I’d be happy with just a straight port too.

The interview was for watch impress, not ign. Amazing, the guts of that news site.

Also the PC mention was an addendum, which is weird and probably means this leaked from elsewhere and Capcom is trying to get back in control?

Rumours of Rise on PC was originally leaked from the big Capcom cyber ransom hack in November last year.

The original link I saw was from some random website so I googled it to confirm the news. Then I picked IGN at random. The text of the article says they told IGN Japan the news directly. It was probably one of those assembly line interviews where they make a couple key personnel available and the games journalists come through and ask their questions. Of course they all asked about the PC version.

Wirebugs still seem goofy to me and I think I hate them, but at least it’s not clutch claw?

The wirebug gives a lot of fun movement options both outside and in combat vs the chore of needing to clutch in order to overcome a damage penalty.
I’ve spent a not-insignificant amount time with the demo, so I have high hopes that feeling will carry over to the full release.

So I pre-ordered this on the strength of the demo played with my friends and I’m really looking forward to the full thing at the end of the month. I tried the heavy bowgun(?), furry banana hammer dude and… I think I left it at that for my own sanity. I loved the look of the uh, gunlance-thing and the horn-instrument.

As someone who’s new to Monster Hunter, if Rise is playing itself then holy shit! It has one of the most arcane and unintuitive control schemes I’ve ever encountered, and I completed Star Fox Zero recently and enjoyed the heck out of The Wonderful 101. Once I started getting better with the controls I really warmed to its structure and style but it’s a really unfriendly game to newcomers.

I hope with the full release they add invert gyro as a separate option because right now Y invert affects both the thumbstick and gyro, and I really don’t need it on the gyro so it ruins one or the other.

To be fair, so do I. At least in Evolve the monsters were nasty and played by horrible human beings. Definitely getting more Shadow of the Colossus vibes from these beautiful creatures.

That app is so fucking useless. I play quite a few Switch multiplayer games online with friends and we always have to use the Discord app which often sounds crap and disconnects. I play Splatoon 2 which does work with the Nintendo app but I’ll be damned if I know how it improves the voice chat experience.

Discord is pretty good at not feeding back other people’s audio but I basically have to turn my audio system down so I can hear my phone, and listening to my friends through a shitty phone speaker next to me is just awful. I’ve tried a Bluetooth speaker with built-in mic but that sometimes doesn’t work. Depends on how Discord is feeling. That’s my preferred Switch voice chat ‘set up’ but it’s all Nintendo bollocks, quite frankly.

Think of it as the first step towards your walk towards the summit of greatness that MHGU on the Switch is ^-^/

My own voice chat involves a 20 year old M-Audio mixer to mix in mono the switch output and my computer’s discord into my headphones. It involves about 5 or 6 extra cables. It involved months and months of tracking the right quality of hardware and cables.
I never could make use of it because @Chappers never played again with me, blaming his defect on his family. What a British fellow!

Ooof! That’s ridiculous. It’s so much unnecessary faff.

I think there’s an extended demo with a new mission out today/tomorrow.

Also the PC release was confirmed on the official site:

Wonder if they’ll keep it a year behind all updates again like World

Demo has an overtuned Magnamalo, who remains undefeated after 27 attempts. I did cut his tail once!

Of all the many options on offer, all I’m wanting is way to invert map scrolling lol…

Physical or download? I see my local Amazon no longer has the physical standard edition listed for some reason, so I guess I pay the extra premium for the download. :P

Sounds like we need Monster Hunter Invert!

Review embargo lifts in about nine and a half hours, three days ahead of release.

Did anyone else give Magnamalo a try? Took me over 60 attempts to defeat him.

Can’t remember the last time I was this excited for a new game! The rampage/tower defense-like mode looks pretty fresh, looking forward to giving that a try.

I didn’t, because — don’t laugh — I didn’t want to be spoiled! I’m one of those people who don’t read MH reviews because they feature screenshots of monsters they haven’t seen yet…

Fair enough, I had the same initial reaction! The high difficulty is what prompted me to give it a shot; now that I’ve got that feather in my cap I’m not touching the switch until Friday.

Big words!