Monster Hunter Rise on the Switch

Rise was so much better than World…for me and my kid.

Awesome, Rise is excellent and as usual I’ll probably double-dip…

I wonder how the PC Elite will handle a Switch port/visual downgrade, after how nice World looked… plus it has Denuvo.

It looks fine to me, but I only have a mere mortal PC. It claims high-res textures and 4K, I ran World at 1080p and regular textures.

Here’s the announcement trailer

To be honest I thought the old switch trailers looked fine though so maybe I’m not the person to ask.

Nothing says Japanese marketing like an elf girl with an open mouth.

No, you’re obviously not part of the PC Elite. ;)

It looks fine texture and model-wise, but the environments look pretty dated and sparse compared to World.

I loved Monster Hunter World but I’m not feeling much of an urge to grab this one. I think I’m probably good until MHW2 or something along those lines. Mostly it might just be a “too soon” kind of thing for me.

It looks great on the Switch but Profanicus is right that the environments (except the town) are bland compared to World’s. Mostly if you’re a fan of World I’d temper your expectations because it’s a whole lot more like the older games than it is like World, although it’s easy to overstate the case. I know @Left_Empty will crucify me for saying so because of the changes they made to his beloved bow, but the general vibe of Rise is most definitely in my opinion Generations Ultimate 2 and not World.

The environments in World were a little too busy for me at times anyway, but I’m also not sure I want a bare bones Monster Hunter game. I’ll probably pass just because it’s still too soon like @KevinC mentioned and I want to be ready to dive back in for World 2.

I’m mentally prepared for another Souls game, so I’ll just play that instead. Heh, same release date. Impressive.

It’s okay, I’m over the bow massacre, because the Lance is so good (but not as good as World, since it was funnier to be the dude harassing the monster so others could rush to it easily).

I totally share that feeling. The navigation was really confusing.

How is Rise bare bones?

I have no idea. I haven’t played it.

Ok, well having played it I will make the claim that it is a full-fat Monster Hunter experience. :)

World was generally considered bare-bones compared to the previous hand-held games when it launched. I’d say Rise had similar content to World at launch, maybe a bit more. The new traversal systems they added are pretty cool, like Wirebug and Palamute.

I don’t really know what the full MonHun experience is either. I guess I have a vague feeling that I don’t just want to farm gear for its own sake. If there’s a strong variety of monsters to fight, that might help. Especially if it covers a lot of classics that World skipped.

Out of the two games there are more big monsters in Rise, and many of them are not in World. There are obviously a bunch of cross-over ‘classics’ that are kind of expected in every game, but Rise has a pretty strong roster.

That is completely true and although I loved the environments it was often very aggravating finding things even with scoutflies (who sometimes couldn’t make up their stupid minds).

There’s also a big expansion in the works for Switch that will inevitably make its way to PC too.

Actually, the upcoming expansion will come out for the Switch and PC at the same date. No more staggered launches. ;)

Yeah pretty sure this is why it is coming so late, and why the switch support has been so lackluster (some bugs reported from the launch still aren’t fixed).

Some PC footage