Monster Hunter Rise on the Switch

That looks better than I expected.

I’m cautiously optimistic, but with a demo incoming I feel that’ll be a good confirmation of how I feel about more Monster Hunter. Looks like PC master race discounts are in play already though, GamesPlanet has 20% off if you absolutely must buy right away.

It helps that the Switch version is like some technological black magic, with how nice it looks and how well it runs!

Will toons be portable from Switch over to PC?

It’s not confirmed AFAIK, but they did a survey of players recently, and one of the questions was about cross-save, so they should be aware of demand for that.

Anything can happen now.
3 years ago, you had to make distinct characters for Japanese and non Japanese versions of the games :O
Progress, oh my!

So Monster Hunter Rise is 25% off (at least in Canada) and I’m tempted because i enjoyed the demo and it was the first time MH has really clicked for me. I think a lot of it is the improved controls. I’m wondering though, how representative is the demo of the actual game? Am I going to start off with crappy equipment and have to battle the same monsters over and over again just to get decent equipment? I’m wondering how bad the grind is in other words.

No, not really. I think most of the grind is in the later game.

Early on you will steadily be faced with a good amount of new monsters, and can usually make something each time. Since the equipment is also new to you, you’re not really targeting anything specific, so just make what you can.

As you get further and start wanting a specific piece of equipment, then yeah you have to target the same monster a few times trying to get a specific drop. I don’t find it particularly onerous though, as it’s all fun to do and rewarding when you can finally make that thing you’ve been hanging out for!

And if you don’t want to do that, you can probably get by without that equipment piece anyway, at least for a good while.

Also, grouping with randoms is both easy and rewarding in that monsters go down faster when teamed and it’s forgiving being behind the gear curve.

Teaming with randoms is a huge part of why I have more than 200 hours in World, and that’s on the low side for dedicated players.

If anything my friends and I got a bit tired of fighting easy monsters so even though we weren’t grinding, it felt pretty mindless because we rarely had to focus and coordinate to succeed. The best time we had was when the game thought we were 2-3 star monster-worthy and an event gave us a… 7 star. We decided to give it a go. It was really tough but so much more fun properly cooperating rather than just whomping on a beautiful creature together. When they’re hard as nails you don’t feel so bad, haha.

Unfortunately when we finally killed it there weren’t any other high level monsters to move on to so we were back to the boring 2-3 star small fry. I kind of wish the whole game was that tough right out the gates because it felt so much more kinetic, dangerous and exciting. You had to pay attention and work together.

That said, I’m sure we’ll be returning to it at some point. I’ve certainly enjoyed it as my first Monster Hunter.

I think you are ready to upgrade to MHGU ;D

MHGU is peak Monster Hunter for me. Any game without Styles just feels thin in comparison.

PC demo today.

No Switch/PC cross-save or play, incidentally, for those interested. Capcom announced they looked into it but it was not feasible at this time. 🙁

Demo is now live.

Was gaijinhunter confused about how framerate works? He said he was pegged at 144 while in 4K with a 2070S, but I’m getting 100 in 1440p with a 3070. It’s very smooth and I have no complaints, just a bit odd after watching his video.

100fps? unplayable, you won’t catch anything with that.

I’m seeing 150-170 at 4K max settings on my 2080Ti, with Vsync disabled.

Sounds like you should be getting more than 100 on a 3000 series at 1440p. What Hz is your screen, and Display Frequency set to? Are you running Vsync? Frame rate limiter disabled? Do you have Image Quality set too high in advanced settings (I think this is super sampling)?

I had it at 150% but it doesn’t seem to make much difference. Even setting it to low doesn’t do much. I have a 9700K so I don’t think it’s CPU limited either unless turbo boost is broken.

I’m “seeing” much higher framerates in certain cases, like as I return from the hunt and the camera zooms to my character it’s at 280. This is just what I’m getting right at the start of the easy hunt before moving my character, which seems like the easiest way to compare framerates and yet no one seems to be doing that.