Monster Hunter Rise on the Switch

I did my test at the start of the first demo hunt, too.

150% drops mine down to around 100-120 fps at 4K. If yours doesn’t get any faster when dropping it really low, sounds like something must be bottlenecking you to 100fps.

Shouldn’t be, my CPU use is still fairly minimal even when frames get up to 200. But still wise to check it, if you’re concerned. I’m just using the built-in Windows gaming performance overlay. You can pin the one that shows framerate and CPU/GPU use.

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Looks like the game itself is bottlenecked. I can put it on 720p Low and get 130 fps at the beginning of the easy hunt. 1440p max is 116 fps. If I had a 4K monitor, I wouldn’t be surprised if I got similar results as you did. (I think the 2080ti is slightly faster than a 3070?)

I think this explains the mystery.

I don’t know if the game is bottlenecked… I’m playing the same game, and if I set everything as low as it can go (720p, 70% image quality, all advanced options off or lowest), I see 200-300fps moving around the start of that level.

Okay my mistake, it looks like some settings only change by returning to the main menu. If I restart, I get the same thing you do.

The hilarious thing is I can go into the game at 720p on Low, then switch it to 1440p on High, and I still get 200+ FPS everywhere. Haha! Either the Steam FPS counter isn’t compatible with the game or the locked settings have a massive impact on performance. (Too tired of this to check.) But this might also explain why people are getting “locked 144 fps” at 4K max.

Awesome! But you said you were only getting 100 with those settings before, so what changed?

Also possible they’re running with vsync on a 144Hz display (as you would - I only turned vsync off to test how high frames would go).

To be clearer:
Switch demo releases, people talk about difference with World in weapon styles
PC Demo releases, people compare how large their framerate is.

Hopefully, not only will saves be isolated, but multiplayer will be kept separated too.

No, it’s not actually 200 fps on high. Either the framerate counter is confused or it’s something about the locked settings that can’t be changed in-game. It’s very strange!

I was worried someone would remark on this eventually, but this is the biggest high mystery I’ve had in PC gaming in years. This is wild, confusing stuff. Something is completely wacky and I love a good software quirk.

That’s not really what’s going on… it’s just an attempt at helpful troubleshooting, due to some large discrepencies across similar hardware. Obviously it’s an issue that doesn’t occur on console but does on PC.

Sorry to stink up the thread!

It’s not just you, it’s everywhere, even on the Discords, it’s like people only talk about framerates about this game anymore >_<

To be fair, the Internet has been trying to buy a new videocard for two years now, so they’re either excited to show off the results or express their relief that their old hardware does so well in this well-optimized game.

But yeah, it’s always been a thing with cross-platform games.

I blame you personally for this, am gonna hunt and not capture a bunch of Malefestio tonight for it.

I would have thought the game would be much less demanding than World (which wasn’t really demanding from what I gathered?), which is why I’m so surprised about the technical talk about this game everywhere.
I just wished I would be hearing about how it’s so freaking beautiful despite the poor details, and how the lance is so amazing, and arrh!



You bastard!! :D

It’s nice, the PC version has HDR too which really boosts the contrast!

HDR must make the time transition in the maps beautiful I bet.
I wished there was a nighttime in the village as well.

I picked this game up a couple of weeks back when Target had it on sale for $45. I tried to go back to World but the lack of pausing caused frustrations (due to spontaneously having to stop due to kid).

I’m over 20 hours in now and just hit 5 star village quests (beating Magnamalo). I’ve spent a non-trivial amount of time in the training room experimenting with different weapons trying to figure out what I actually want to main. I also have spent a lot of early materials building weapons to try them out on hunts.

In MHW I played all 50 hours with Hunting Horn, but Rise’s horn doesn’t have a lot of the depth I enjoyed from MHW’s.

Charge blade seems like I should enjoy it, but I am missing something in timing the shield charge and sword charge that is frustrating me, and missing SAED/AED is frustrating. It feels like you are doing a little damage just trying to build up to a AED or SAED for the one big hit, which isn’t that interesting to me.

I had some good ok fun with lance. I need to get better at learning monsters tells to fully take advantage of it though. I think I might like it better once I can get some better equipment skills going on.

I tried great sword and … definitely not for me. I couldn’t figure out how to consistently get myself to aim where I was charging and thus I’d end up swinging in the whole wrong direction a bunch of the time. I have no idea what I was missing there but not being able to quickly adjust the direction I was facing before starting a charge made me angry. I know it’s something I"m doing wrong, I just don’t know what and not sure I want to really spend time figuring it out.

Bow was fun for the two hunts I tried it on. It’s not clear to me if there’s much depth outside knowing when to dragon pierce and when to dodge, so I’m not totally sure how long lasting it would be for me.

Now I’m currently doing some hunts with gun lance, and I’m actually finding it fun. Figuring out when to wyvern fire, when to commit to a wyvern stake, reload and full blast is giving me some good variety. So maybe this will be my main… Until I get ADD and decide to try something else…

I wouldn’t think too much about what to main, it happens pretty organically playing the game, and depending on what you are hunting.
The game’s weapons and armors are also very easily craftable until much, much later (I’d say about midway through the endgame MP content), so you won’t be limited any way. It’s a far cry from the very limiting MHW early content in that respect.

The Gunlance is a lot of fun (and so versatile!), but it has got a big drawback: it eats through durability at an insane rate. There are (very late) game ways around it, that make it feel even a bit overpowered at times.

One exception to not “maining” could be the Charge Blade, which got really insanely complex in my opinion.
The original Charge Blade was a very fun weapon, with some variety. Monster Hunter World turned it into this crazy, fighting-game-like, technical combo weapons, and Rise added an extra little layer of complexity to it.
It is supposed to be one of the strongest weapons in the game, but the amount of dedication to pull the crazy, non stop, high-damaging combo action needed to do it is way over my skill and attention levels.

For the Great Sword, what you might be lacking is one of the unlockable “toggle-able” skill options. I know a very popular MHW GS one was locked away that way, it might be what you were missing (although the weapon is mainly about knowing where the head of the creature will eventually contact your blade 3 seconds ahead in any case!).

I just want a good Switch Axe. It was my favorite weapon in 3, MHW turned it into a one-trick-pony (but I enjoyed it for a while), Iceborne made that worse somehow (not the weapon, mind you; there were some nice changes, but the super-fast-jumping-all-around monsters in Iceborne just sabotage all the good things it got)… I hear it’s pretty awesome in Rise, so I hope it really is. ;)

Ew. I’m sorry for you in advance.
It feels incredibly basic.
A good beginner weapon inside a good beginner MH game, if you wish :O
Mmm, I have nobody to play MHGU with…
Maybe I should install MHW.

MHW is a great game, warts and all.