Monster Hunter World!!!!!


My next newbie adventure was with the hammer. I expected super slow and clunky. Instead, I was treated with very simple combos, no need to watch demon/power-up bars, and it recovered after a swing much more quickly than I expected (the big overhead/powered-up hits not-withstanding).

I also learned about the “Type 2” camera controls in the settings. Huge difference for me, as it now feels much more like… Assassin’s Creed II controls. So it may not be the weapon alone that helped, but the combination as now my character swings much more towards where I expect.


Hammer is amazing. Probably the most ‘no nonsense’ weapon in the game, practically gimmick free. Did you discover the charge mechanic yet?


I… have not, apparently. Time to go research more about it! My son did warn me that later on, it starts to drop off in the awesomeness -he said it isn’t great at the whole elemental thing. I’m way way too early to care about such things, though.


It’s actually quite simple. If you get hit a lot you can ignore the mechanic for the time being, since you lose a charge if you take a hit. I recommend either Gaijin Hunter or Arekkz for MHW weapon tutorials. Arekkz is a little more concise, but his youtube style diction drives me up the wall so I’d recommend GH instead.


My nine year old nephew loves the hammer. It’s his weapon of choice. He tells me all about it when I see him.


They announced that 21:9 support is coming in Jan-Feb.

That (along with the new computer I’m planning) will definitely get me into this.


Announcement today! Lots of new content coming our way, including a Witcher collaboration and an entire expansion next year!


Any word on what weapon moveset the Geralt character will use? If it’s longsword then I’m saving that for later.


He’s using his swords and fighting style, to my understanding.


Do you actually play as Geralt or is he an NPC? I may have missed that.

I’m way for excited for the Iceborne expansion anyway. :)


GOG has this for a historic low $31 - should I pick this up?


I think the game is fantastic. I was thinking about buying it again on a console with the current Xmas sale.

I found all the front-loaded cutscenes to be really annoying (caveat that I have no interest in the story in most games, so take that for what you will) but they die down over time and you get more play time vs watch time.

The game excels in that each monster is distinct and unique to fight. Each weapon is distinct in how it plays. To me the gameplay was like a more varied and more open Dark Souls with a similarly high skill cap minus the gamepad-throwing frustrations.


Sold. Thanks!


Wait, GOG? Where? Don’t you mean Steam?


Sorry, not GOG, GMG ( Green Man Gaming ).


Aaaah. Please don’t do that again. The mere thought of a DRM-free Monster Hunter game on PC makes my heart skip a beat. ;)


I made it over the initial hump with this game and I’m enjoying it now! I’m a few quests into the second zone. The long sword seems fine. I’ve hit a few foresight slashes with it.

Nothing is blowing me away but I wanted to get into it enough that I didn’t forget about it when I started playing other games I suspect I’ll enjoy more.


Still playing this and loving it. I always liked the idea of Dark Souls, but it was waaaay too crushing for my abilities. MHW is still ‘hard’ for me, but doable (mostly because my son drags me along). I’m normally an MMO/factorio/basebuilding-genre type person, so this is really out of my league.

I play mostly SnS, but am itching to learn more weapons. SnS is great, but the variety of builds is overwhelming (and grindy!), and the super-close combat makes it a little hard to learn monster tells/moves. It is also very fast and fluid, which means I’ve hosed myself if I switch to a slower weapon.


I just got into this - I’m pretty much a newbie and I’m not great on reflexes and timing, but I’ve been switching around. I’m tempted by sword and shield now that you mentioned it’s working well for you but for me:

  • heavy bowgun - there’s a bunch of dive-rolling away when the monster decides to go in close, but usually my Palico eventually takes the heat off or the monster decides to do bigger windup attacks. Also great against flying monsters since you don’t have to wait for them to get closer. You could put a shield on the heavy bowgun too if you’ve liked the defense options. I just got into the light bowgun too and that’s pretty fluid although I find there’s a lot more reloading there.
  • long sword - it’s still relatively quick and I find it has a ton of range and it feels pretty heavy hitting.
  • dual blades - on the other hand, this is all about fast and in-close, sacrificing defense. When I feel like just running around hitting things a lot.

Note that I started on the switch axe because giant swords and transforming weapons, but I’ve been playing around with everything else so everything feels quite different from that because it was pretty slow so I went from slower to faster. Although there’s plenty of even slower weapons I haven’t even touched yet… I love the insane weapon designs, and how there’s a weapon for how I’m feeling. I’m still a bit stressed by the time limits, but actually most of my hunts don’t even take 15 minutes. I like that each chunk can be pretty quick, but there’s so much to find. I just found that you can go explore waaaay up the ancient forest!


I’ve been farting around with mostly the Longsword, though I’m looking to diversify. Longsword has good reach and quick recovery, which is pretty sweet. I can’t seem to nail the special counter thing I forget the name of. Sometimes it just doesn’t go off, or the enemy stalls and throws off the timing.

I tried Dual for a while and it’s fun, but against most “real” things you can just instantly die it feels like. Any enemy you need to wait for opening on, they feel useless.

Heavy Bowgun… seemed just meh to me. I have like 5 shots that don’t do any damage and sometimes I just put it away while shooting things. Probably not the weapon for me, or I’m missing something.