Monster Hunter World!!!!!


The more you play, the more the game opens up, and the more variety you’ll see. I suggest that you try to play at least until you get to the Coral Highlands. If you don’t fall in love with the game by the time you fight a Legiana, then it’s probably not your thing. ;)


I have to agree. When I’m trying to hunt a large monster it can be seriously annoying that these stupid small guys are getting in the way, but then I played Dauntless which is basically “what if Monster Hunter deleted all the extra stuff” and it was incredibly boring and stale. Annoying as it is to get knocked off of carving by some trash monster, their presence makes the zones feel alive in a way other similar games don’t match.


Anyone manage to take down Behemoth? Seems pretty difficult in a team let alone to solo.


Charge Blade is indeed awesome, but I decided to try the Switch Axe (probably my favorite weapon in previous MH) in Monster Hunter World and not only I’m loving it, as it fits my playstyle much better. Hunting with it has been safer, faster, and more fun. At least for now.

I love this game. ;)


Nooo… I went charge blade cause of this thread. No talking about switch axe being better (especially the ‘safer’ bit - I’ve reached a point in the game where I’m getting mauled. Lunastra, multiple tempered Beteleguses or whatever… aiiieeee).

As for what keeps my playing: I was a big MMO junkie. MHW distills the entirety of MMOs down to its most basic components - the game loop of fight and get better gear and fight bigger stuff. I hate “grinding” in games, yet thus far I don’t really feel the grind. Even though I absolutely am.


Haha, don’t mind me. I played with the Charge Blade yesterday again, and I’m planning on trying the Insect Glaive again tonight. Since you mentioned MMOs, I am what people call in MMO lingo an “altoholic”. In the case of Monster Hunter World, that translates to different weapons, and while I’m learning the ins and outs of each one, I’ll switch my favorites like crazy. ;)

But the thing is: Charge Blade is still awesome, but getting its flow right takes a good while. The big (perhaps only) benefit of the Switch Axe over the Charge Blade is how simple it is to use. Switch Axe combos are straightforward, it’s the easiest weapon to do “infinite combos” with, its “special attack” is really easy to land, it’s reasonably fast to sheathe so you can reposition easily - it’s a good weapon to use when you don’t want the mental overload other weapons like the Charge Blade or the Insect Glaive might have (until you get used enough to them).

So yeah, perhaps tonight my favorite will be the Insect Glaive! And then not. After a while, I’ll settle on which one is my “main” (probably the Charge Blade :D), but I’ll still use the others, as any good altoholic would do. ;)


As a fellow altoholic, that’s why I’m so easily swayed by anyone spouting how awesome their weapon is. I found the solution though - I upgraded all my current armor, and now I’m broke. Can’t make any new weapons! TAKE THAT MHW!


Ok, PSA: Bow is easy mode in MHW. Seriously. This thing is way OP. ;)

I still think the Swag Axe is more fun, but Bow seems a great option when you’re hunting for specific parts, or when you want to be done quickly and without pain.


I could never get the hang of the bow for some reason. I saw tons of vids where people destroyed monsters with it but it just never clicked for me.


The greatest benefit of the bow is that, by staying a bit away from the monster (without having to stop attacking), you can read it much better, and you have more time to react to whatever the monster does. Also, mobility with the bow is not only great, but beneficial - if you sidestep while aiming you get a charge, so your next attack gets stronger. Well, if it’s not at max charge already, that is.

The big challenge with the bow is stamina management. That’s it. It’s a very powerful, adaptable and easy to use weapon. It’s not as exciting as other weapons might be, but for me, it is easy mode. I captured a Jyuratodus and a Rathian without even using a potion, not once. That’s unheard of for me. ;)


So, another week, another weapon I think will be my main! This time, it’s a weapon in which didgeridoo rhymes with blunt trauma - the Hunting Horn!

Seriously. Such a fantastic weapon. Yesterday I ended up hunting a Great Girros during an expedition to the Rotten Vale and I was impressed by how easy it was with the HH. I didn’t even notice the small Girros because my wide arc attacks would just obliterate them while I fought the Great Girros. Also hunted a Pukei-Pukei and an Anjanath and in both cases it was soooo smooth. Really fun to play (pun intended).

So yeah, since my Palico is using a Coral Orchestra, we’re the Bard Duo now! Dropping the beat(down) on monsters since January 2019. ;)


The blacksmiths just love guys like you that can’t make up your mind.


I know, right? I did craft a few sword and shield sets yesterday to try, and I’m really liking those too. ;)



Sticking with charge blade still, though HH is on my list. I’ve avoided it thus far as my son already plays hammer and it seems like we’d be conflicting with each other.


So, uh, went to hunt Legianas today (for Monster Bone+). Hunting Horn was hard. Charge Blade was hard. Switch Axe was hard. Sword and Shield? Done and done.

Then, time to hunt an Odogaron. Sword and Shield. Easy peasy. Even knocked it out with a shield bash! So cool.

Yeah, I’d say I’m liking this one. ;)


Yep, SnS is great. The biggest issue I had with it is that the lack of range made it hard to see what was going on. I’m bad at situational awareness in general, and having to be that close to a monster just made it worse.


I finally convinced myself to switch back to the heavy bowgun and try it with a shield. I could get used to having actual defense - what is this…blocking?! I took on a easy peasy Hornetaur investigation to play around with it - a Radobaan rolled away and ignored my potshots, but when I finally annoyed an Odogaron, all that yelling brought around a Bazelgeuse and then the Radobaan decided to come back and also crash the party, and this is why I love the game, giant monster brawling never gets old.


So it seems like you love almost every weapon. Hah. Which is great.


“Almost” is the key here. I tried Longsword and didn’t really like it. At least for now I have no interest in Hammer, or Dual Blades, or any of the Lances. And while I may try Light Bowgun at some point, I’m not much interested in Bowguns either.

And it seems that the weapon that does fit my playstyle best is Sword and Shield. Good mobility, good versatility, good support, lots of options in terms of raw damage, or elemental damage, or ailments. It’s a very well-rounded weapon, and the one I’m having the most success with currently.

I might try the Bow a bit more. It was really easy mode for me earlier, but now that I just made it to High Rank, it might be good to see how well it fares at this point.

BTW, I tried MP for the first time yesterday. Nothing fancy - just responding to Low Rank SOS Flares - but I loved it! I can see me doing that more, in a more support-oriented role, as is usual in my case.

On that note, here’s a tip: don’t hunt Odogarons with a Hunting Horn. It’s… uh… painful. ;)


I love MP. I’ve got my private group to three now. I am slowly, very slowly, trying to sell them on the idea of just doing open sessions and posting the quests. We’re pretty far behind, so the blob should be well ahead of us. If a fourth person joins us, it will be fine even if they’re still getting the hang of it. If I don’t get in there fast enough, I won’t care. I’ll let them fight, and then we can just do it again. I’m ahead of them on PC anyway and my experience on PS4 gives me some advantage anyway.

I wish Capcom had just considered the cut-scenes, small group with random combo’s just a tad better but hey, hopefully the next one. I assume there will be another one.