Monster Hunter World!!!!!

Tip: I’m keeping my bout of fever in check here by harrassing forum people on Steam chat about MHGU.

I love it when people write small essays. That is fantastic information and helps a ton. Thanks! So on which platform do you think you play the most?

Oh whew, I’m glad you found it helpful.

Prior to IB, my time played was split pretty evenly between PC and PS4 (300/350). I have more friends playing on the PC, and due to the way scaling worked in MHW, I favored PC. Also, it just looks glorious on the PC, and the added frames really makes a difference.

Now that they’ve fixed the scaling issues, I think I may favor the PS4, but for largely subjective reasons (i.e., my best bud is playing on the PS4 and now we can reliably fight and farm monsters together).

I know a lot of MH vets rave about it, but as someone who started with MHW I just couldn’t get into it. I tried!

I have a Squad going if you want to hop in. My PSN is the same as my user ID. I’m still in MR3 quests though.

Velkhana lives up to the hype…

Switch Axe new moves are so good.

That’s my main and you’re not making the wait until January 2020 any easier. ;)

Ooof, sorry!

I’m really not trying to rub any of this in for the PC players, and I guess Merry is the only other person playing right now, but I’m just so damn excited by what I’m seeing…

I crossed a point in the story/progression where I can chill out a bit and start clearing optionals, running investigations, and building sets. In no rush to reach endgame, but I wanted to have enough of the first wave monsters available so I can chase decent gear.

For the next phase of the game I’m sure I’m going to need better sets and weapons.

Of the new monsters I’ve faced so far (over a dozen) there hasn’t been a dud in the bunch.

Don’t mind me, I love the enthusiasm, and I’m glad you’re sharing it here. Just be mindful of our (PC players) suffering. ;)

Oh I’m mindful. Half my online buds are in the same boat.

Do you want to know about the new switch axe moves? Or, do you want to discover it for yourself?

I know they exist, but not their nature… yet. I have no real reason to know more about them now since I can’t play, but I’ll certainly look them up in January 2020. ;)

BTW, did they add tooltips or tutorials for the new moves in the training area?

How do new moves for weapons work? Is it just different button combos, or are there like… I can’t remember the term, but the stances? styles? you could take in MHGU?

No new weapon arts/styles/stances. Each weapon gets something associated with the clutch claw and additional moves and/or weapon mechanic. Some weapons get more love than others. It seems to be both a balancing thing and a way to keep things fresh.

Iceborne did add things to the training area, but I haven’t messed with it enough to know what’s changed.

I really enjoy the changes to GS. It’s subtle, but being able to get to shoulder tackle cancelling/true charge from a side slash is incredibly useful. Side slash is a great tool for making small adjustments to posiotioning when right in the monster junk wailing away. Not needing to go into an overhead slash saves precious moments and helps get off more true chages. It really gives a lot more conversion oportunites for GS users.

I guess you can get to shoulder tackle cancelling from slinger shots too, but I haven’t really found an application for that yet.

In summation, it’s a great time to like to smack the snot out of Dinos with a big ole sword!

I’ve played about 4-5 hours of this and just finished the first quest in the 2nd area (Wildspire Wastes) by killing a Barroth. Even though I’m enjoying the battles, I’m not sure if I’m approaching this or doing it in the right way. I’ve got a couple of questions.

  1. The basic flow of combat for a new enemy is to hit it in different areas to see where it is vulnerable and then go for that, right? Sometimes it is somewhat obvious, like if it has a big armored head but its belly looks unprotected. Dodge to avoid its attacks and strike when it is occupied going after my pet thing. Notice the animations to avoid charges, tail attacks and the like.

  2. It seems like my basic attack (pressing Y), seems to always do the most damage vs the enemies I have fought so far. Every once in a while I’ll try a different swing, but it always seems to do less damage so I go back to Y.

  3. When fighting an enemy for the first time should I be able to figure out if it has elemental weaknesses, or do I need to wait until I turn in enough research to update the monster codex? I had no idea the Barroth was weak to water when covered in mud (I didn’t even notice it was) and weak to fire otherwise - so I just used the basic attacks. How do I even do elemental damage?

  4. I tend to just want to get back into fighting so I don’t spend much time in town. Not much of a fan of the writing / voice acting / story. I did get a message stating I had research to turn in so I did that this time. I think I could have done that a while ago. I did go upgrade my weapon a couple battles ago. Are there things I should do in town each time between missions?

I guess I’m doing OK because I progressing, but not sure if I get the overall picture. Thanks!

You can use the slinger to go straight from an overhead slash into true charge, while also changing direction. You can get to true charge very quickly now.

Yup was just about to post this. Overhead slash, slinger burst to the face, monster hopefully flinches, TCS.

And I agree Merry, the side slash is actually useful now! Overhead slash, ooops the monster moved, side slash to gain ground, slinger burst to reposition, and them whamo, TCS.

These kind of subtle changes are so artfully done. It doesn’t change the fundamentals of the weapon, just tweaks it enough to make everything feel so much better.

The damage buff to TCS is also so, so good.

First off, welcome to the obtuse and poorly documented world of Monster Hunter!

Yes, the gist of combat is to figure out the weak points and hit those weak points. There is more to combat (like breaking monster parts, severing tails, status effects, mounting, tripping, knockouts, elemental weaknesses, using the environment, traps) but it always comes back to whacking away at weak spots.

This all depends on the weapon you’re using. Each weapon has a variety of attacks, combos, etc. Which weapon are you using? I can give you the basics, but the training room can also help you out with this. The best resource is of course youtube. I would recommend Arekkz or Gaijinhunter’s youtube channels. They have great weapon tutorials.

The more “research” you do on any given monster the more information you unlock about the monster. Research involves gathering tracks, fighting the monster, and breaking monster parts. Look to the hunter’s notes often to learn about weaknesses/mechanics.

I wouldn’t worry much about this now, just go for the biggest attack value weapon you can make. Briefly, elemental damage is additional flat damage you get when using an elemental weapon type that a monster is weak to. You can see the type of elemental damage a weapon does in the weapon description.

At first, in town you just want to gobble up any missions you can find, make weapons/armor, eat meals, get bounties, and restock your item pouch from your box. Eventually other options open up, but don’t worry about those for now.

Thanks Scott. I’m using the long sword. I’m ok using mostly one attack if that’s what works for the long sword. I was trying to pick a weapon that was pretty basic.